Legal Environment Summary

The legal environment prevailing in a country largely determines the ways in which any business is conducted. Legal environment also regulates and monitors the conduct of the business so that the interests of all the parties connected with the businesses are taken care of. The legislation may relate to the sale of goods, contracts, unfair selling practices, health and safety measures of the employees, other laws relating to the employment, regulations governing the competitive environment and lately the measures for protecting the environments and natural resources of the country.

The legal environment in the UK as well as other advanced European and Middle Eastern countries has provided a conducive atmosphere for the sustained growth of the industry. Environmental Issues Passing of stringent regulations governing the environmental issues relating to the hospitality industry do have an impact on the sustenance and growth of the industry though not seriously affecting its growth. The analysis of the external environmental aspects points towards a gloomy atmosphere for the growth and development of the hospitality industry in UK as well as other European and Middle Eastern countries.