Legal Drinking Age Debate

Have you ever asked yourself why everyone can’t just do what they like irrespective of their ages? Why must they have to wait until they are of a certain age till they can indulge in certain activities such as driving, partying, and drinking? This is simply because the government of our day believes so much that when a man or woman become 18+, he or she is responsible for his or her actions and they also believe with adulthood comes the ability to choose, control oneself and to make right decisions. But I am afraid their good intentions have been misconstrued.Firstly I need to define what the Legal Drinking Age is. It is earliest age that an individual is legally allowed to buy alcoholic beverages which may be different from the age at which they may be permitted to drink alcohol, especially in the privacy of their home. During the course of this study, I found out that not all countries actually follow a strict guideline concerning the legal drinking age. In countries like Turkey, Croatia and Bulgaria the legal drinking age is as low as 12 years. This really is absurd.Bringing a connect between the legal drinking age and adolescent use of drugs, you will see that when a boy or a girl below 18 begins to take alcohol in pubs and at home, he or she automatically feels that why can’t I take drugs. These two go hand in hand. Statistically speaking, it has been noticed that about 50-70% of the people given to drinking also indulge in doping. Parenting is also a major way mark. Parents have failed to understand that their primary job is not just to procreate but to reproduce a reputable lifestyle in their wards.In a house where the parents are heavy drinkers, the children also don’t see anything wrong in partaking at as early stage.. Even in certain occasions where the parents even give sips to the children; this arouses the untimely desire to want to drink also. Therefore such children turn out to be addicts. Laws that govern a society are given to maintain peace and orderliness. In a situation where such laws are flaunted, there is going to result an effect. Everyday on the news we hear of car crashes where the driver was drunk to stupor. I am a stickler for modesty in everything.In life I believe too much of certain things is actually dangerous. How peaceful would it be if the governing bodies responsible for the legal age drinking would uphold strictly their laws to actually save human life and prolong them. If anyone is to drink at all, the minimum age should be 18+ . References: Facts About Youth and Alcohol retrieved from http://www. ama-assn. org/ama/pub/physician-resources/public-health/promoting-healthy-lifestyles/alcohol-other-drug-abuse/facts-about-youth-alcohol/minimum-legal-drinking-age. shtml on July 18, 2010