Legal Drafting

To understand this aspect of module I used a lot of research materials such as lectures and tutorial information, online articles, books from library, also I downloaded few books from internet. It was easy to define types of legal writing from lectures and tutorials, and few internet articles, but for me the must have information was about main principles and rules of legal writing and how to improve it.

For these aspects of commercial drafting I choose few sources: Bryan A.Garner – "Legal Writing in Plain English: A Text with Exercises, this book consists of exercises" for improvement of legal writing and also all the main principles of how it must been done are also there. Article Legal writing from www. law. cornell. edu helped me to define what types of legal writing there are. Judge Mark P. Painter "Legal Writing 201. 30 suggestions to improve readability of how to write for judges not like judges" Ohio First District Court of Appeal – helped in finding how to make your legal writing more interesting.

Evan Schaeffer – "Improve Your Legal Writing with Five Simple Rules" Published: The Illinois Bar Journal, 2/97 helped me in improvement of my legal writing, and also I use this as a memo, for my legal writing. I have acquired legal writing skill, at least as a beginner, and it is very useful skill in my future life. With other skills I think it is the same as with previous topics, I improved my Legal Research skills even more, analytical and logical reasoning were developed through tutorials and group works.

And of course critical evaluation was developed. Skills are the same as always, but now they are more developed. This aspect of module can help me may be not in learning principles of contract (topic 7), but at least in drafting a contract in my future life as a lawyer. Also in dispute resolution (topic 8), because all the letters are also concern legal writing. In future life Commercial Drafting topic will help me very much because all the work of lawyer connects and consists of legal writing.