Legal Concepts Worksheet Essay

Who forms the law and what is supposed to be done who follow it? Unfair and ethical downloading of the music and videos both for commercial as well as personal use. The websites which offer the music and video downloads often violate the copy right laws because due to absence of physical boundaries on the net therefore it becomes difficult to clearly identify who is responsible for implementing laws relating to downloading. “ Law is a formal social process , meaning that laws comes from the state and are usually written down” (Read, Shedd, Morehead, & Corley, 2005)

Modern Law allows the private property ownership One of the most critical issues with downloading from internet is the fact that it violates the legal rights of those who actually produced the peace of music or video. The recent studies by the Microsoft however suggest that the teens may not download from the internet if they know the law. (Microsoft, 208) “ The third concept that founds the marketplace in the modern nation is property, which establishes private exclusive rights in resources” (Read, Shedd, Morehead, & Corley, 2005)

Private Property allows the establishment of definite legal rights over the assets you either produce or own. Despite knowing that it is prohibited by the law, most of the users attempt to download illegal videos and music. This creates a serious violation of the personal private property rights of the actual producer of the music without being getting compensated for the work of art he or she produce. “ Private property protects private persons and allow them to exclude others ………. from interfering with the resources that are acquired without force. ” (Read, Shedd, Morehead, & Corley, 2005)

Litigation process is one of the most important elements of the legal proceedings to be initiated against those who violate the law. Due to lack of relevant laws in the different countries regarding the downloading from the internet, most of the persons who actually commit that crime can get away with it because there is no defined litigation process. This allows the companies offering illegal music and videos to get away with it and earn money from local as well as international buyers. “ The court system and the litigation process help the business community resolve actual disputes” (Read, Shedd, Morehead, & Corley, 2005)

Law and ethics are almost one and the same concepts as both attempt to bring a change in the social fabric of the society. It is because of this reason that ethical violations are also considered as legal violations too. Most of the illegal sites on the internet offer contents which can morally and ethically considered as wrong since they have strong consequences for the morality in the society. The moral use of the internet especially the downloading of the pornographic material by the teens place society in a difficult situation of maintaining its moral values.

“Ethics and law have similar or complementary purposes” (Read, Shedd, Morehead, & Corley, 2005, p7)


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