Legal cases

Quality Products, Inc. (QPI) is a well developed and performing company. It has excelled in the sale of lenses making considerable progress. However, the company management faces numerous legal and ethical issues as analyzed below. In the first case, Bill has a bright idea of steering the company to greater performance levels through a master plan that convinces to work. He believes that only new ideas can drive the profitability of the company to the desired level (Nancy, 2004). Additionally, he assumes that only new employees would have projective mind to achieve the target.

However, the approach and criteria which Bill adopts to introduce ‘fresh blood’ in the system has several legal and ethical issues. For example: Did Bill discriminate the two short listed candidates (black American and Asian) on the basis of their colour and race? If that was the case did the move violate the U. S employment act that. Did Bill rule out the possibility of the short listed female candidate because of gender? If so, did this violate the candidate’s right to seek a job in any company regardless of her gender? Was Bill’s action beyond his powers by nullifying the fourth potential candidate?

Since this was his personal decision, did it violate the ethical management procedures followed during selection of recruitment of employees? Remember that he did not consider the input of the HR and Strategic planning directors who are equal entities in shaping the company (Nancy, 2004). On the other hand, Sam learns of his dismissal plans and decides to leave a legacy through the following actions that have both legal ethical issues. Did Sam violate legal requirements by hiding evidence that would lead to a fine charge on QPI for being involved in an infringement with Best Optics?

If this is the case, was it a breach of the U. S law? Is it unethical for Sam to give out evidence to Best Optics manager on the basis of a job reward promise? If so, does it go against the National code of ethics for workers? Was it unethical for Sam’s friend accepting the deal of giving Sam a job reward for the evidence? If that is the case, does it violent the employment act? Was it legal for Sam to place an order of 1000 shares for Best Optics by simply calling his broker as a way of sealing his deal with Best Optics manager? If so, does no against the investment law?