Lean Construction

Today’s Jargon ? Tomorrow common place terms Value Adding and Non Value adding activities Value adding activities refers to those which are basically required for the process/project. Non Value adding activities refer to those which do not contribute any value to the process/project Focus of Lean Construction is to eliminate/reduce non value adding activities Mura Japanese word referring to the unevenness in construction as opposite to continuous flow. Correction by adopting Lean construction.

Muri Japanese word referring to the stress involved in non achievable targets which in turn destroys morale. Correction is by adopting Lean Construction. Muda Japanese word for waste involved in the processes of construction. Focus of Lean Construction is to remove this waste. Continuous Improvement Consistency in small improvement of performance and achievements of targets. Essential of Lean Construction. Kaizen Japanese synonym for continuous improvement. Essential for Lean construction Constraint analysis Analysis adopted by players of Project for identifying constraints in flow of work and for subsequent correction.

Continuous Flow Construction work proceeding without any interruption between various activities of project. Each activity also just being completed for start of subsequent activity. Continuous flow along with concurrent activities is Lean Construction at its best. Value Stream This refers to all activities both value creating and non value creating for the delivery of the project. This refers right from the concept stage to the ultimate handing over of the project.