Laws of proximity

The law of proximity is among the four visual perception laws that were established by gestalt psychologists. This law asserts that “the brain more closely associates objects that are close to each other as compared when two objects are far apart” (Jensen, 2005).

As a result, most people prefer to see things or individuals that are grouped together. This is due to the fact that groupings and togetherness appeal to the inclination of people to want things that are neat and organized (Jensen, 2005). In relation to this, the law of proximity is also applicable in my personal life especially to whom I am attracted to.

I can say that I am the kind of person which gives importance to the feeling of belongingness or being included in a certain group or circle of friends. In this sense, I find comfort knowing that there are many people around me, which I prefer rather than being alone and aloof to other people. In the same manner, I also get attracted with people or individuals that belong to a group, especially if I noticed that he or she has the ability to blend and get along with those people that he or she are with.

A person could also easily get my attention when he or she knows how to handle ones’ self amidst a large crowd. It is about the idea of belonging to a group but still maintaining his or her self identity.

I met one of my close and trusted friends in the abovementioned situaPtion. We were in a party that was attended by numerous people. Despite such setting, he was able to get my attention because of the way he blends in with his group of friends. Their sense of togetherness makes it easier for me as well as for my friends to approach them. There is something about being in a group that makes me feel more at ease to introduce myself to other people and make friends with them. In this sense, I can say that I do not only feel attracted with people who belong to a group but it also helps me to become more sociable.

The law of proximity indeed has an effect in people, not only in terms of visual inclination, but also when it comes to their attraction to other people. In this sense, gestalt psychologists were able to prove that their theory is applicable to reality.


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