Laws of manifestation

Within the context of the laws of manifestation, what is meant by `involution?’ Give some examples of involution techniques. What is `evolution`, in this context? Include in your answer mention of the assumptions about reality made in this perspective – In other words, describe the paradigm that supports a belief that you literally create the circumstances in your life?

Involution and Evolution are esoteric and philosophical concepts commonly found in Theosophy, Anthroposophy and Rosicrucianism.

More specifically, involution can be defined as ‘the process whereby spirit descends into matter, its polar opposite’ (Share International).

Evolution can be defined as ‘the process of spiritualization of matter; the way back to the Source. The casting aside of the veils of delusion and illusion leading eventually to cosmic consciousness’ (Share International).

The well-known theory of evolution is an example of how matter is evolving to higher and higher levels of consciousness, as in the case of the evolution from ape to man.  However, the evolution of mankind has not stopped and higher levels of consciousness are yet to be achieved.

Examples of involution techniques:

A simple example of involution is the concept of the soul incarnating a physical body when a person is born (Pullen 1994).  In this case, Consciousness (or the soul) has involved itself in matter (the physical body).

A more complex example of involution is the creation of the universe or the Big Bang, in which Consciousness ‘involved’ itself and gave birth to physical reality.  After this the process of evolution of matter begins.

Reasons for involution/evolution

According to Sri Aurobindo (1977), the reason for involution is the shift of the Absolute (or Consciousness or God) from the Delight of Being to the Delight of Becoming.  Involution is the desire of the Absolute to manifest itself through a multitude of forms.  These forms then lose themselves in the unconsciousness of matter, and so with evolution the pleasure of rediscovering their original Spirit begins.

Describe the paradigm that supports a belief that you literally create the circumstances in your life? This perspective assumes that in reality everything is consciousness, and that Consciousness manifests itself through the laws of involution and evolution.

In this paradigm, consciousness manifests physical reality.  Therefore, the way in which a person literally creates the circumstances in his/her life is supported by involution/evolution concepts. A persons Consciousness manifest their circumstances, because as mentioned earlier, Consciousness ‘involves’ itself and can be said to create physical matter.


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