Laws to keep men from playing God

Abortion has been a controversial issue spanning centuries, cultures and beliefs across many nations and nationalities. From the one child policy of the Communist Regime to the modern Stem Cells research, abortion has found itself in the middle of debates among feminists, policy makers, church leaders and teenagers. And yet, the incidence of abortion both legal and illegal in certain societies has steadily increased. With the rise of stressful expectations on families and couples, more and more people choose to stay married without children and this phenomenon has also given rise to many industries associated with birth control and gender relations.

Bottom of this line though for most people who still believe that life is sacred and God-given, abortion is a way where people play God. They use abortion as a means to manipulate the creation processes. Birth control pills make the ovaries immature. Hormones manipulate the natural process of estrogen. IUDs destroy any possible fertilized egg and sperm. Abortive procedures basically murder the unborn child. Stem cells researchers debate on the moral implications of aborting unborn children.

And up till now, they do not even have decided whether the unborn child is the three month old unborn fetus or the first zygote created when the sperm and egg successfully fertilize. All these debates and procedures manipulating the process of life is done for selfish reason. There maybe a noble cause for stem cell research where the harvesting of organ cells needs destruction of the main zygote. But at the end of the day, these reasons serve the purposes of man which are laden with socio, political and economic interests.

The only way to keep from men from playing God is to have laws that protect life processes. In Christian religion where premarital sex is prohibited, the possibility of abortion due to unwanted pregnancies is reduced. Not all states or countries allow abortion. Doctors are stripped of their licenses when found administering these procedures. Other medical schools do not even teach how to do this procedure. Laws are bounded by social ethics and thereby have the capability of ensuring punishment to those who will not abide by these laws. An extreme example of this anti abortion law is the act that a Romanian Czar instilled on his women constituents. It was so extreme that contraceptives became contraband items.

Other societies have made abortion legal for the purposes of protecting their constituents from malpractice that could cause life of women who just go to unauthorized doctors with unhygienic practices. However, there are States that has completely criminalized abortion in Alabama, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio and South Dakota.

Although laws are created by man, these are covenants that can save lives of unborn children and help put women in safety zones. If man is basically brilliant, he will continuously use his creativity to use his knowledge and resources to develop many concepts even to the extent of trying to become God. Many have attempted this feat as symbolized in the novel Dr. Frankenstein. However, with laws continuously enacted and implemented to ensure the safety of lives whether these may be in the Petri dish, in the test tubes or in the wombs of women, considered as sacred vestibules of life, the laws will keep people from playing God. These people need to be reminded that they can never become their own creators.