Laws benefiting and hindering retailers

A new legislation passed could have a positive impact on generic substitution, based on changes to physicians` prescription pads. In the new law a doctor has to sign on a line that reads `substitution ` This allows more choices to the patient and pharmacist to choose a generic. The generic drugs are important to the retailer as they offer a big benefit to their patients whose interest they put first. The benefit is that they are cheap hence even the patient with a tight budget can purchase and the retailer sale more and make more money. The integrity of the retailer is kept.

The commercial building deduction legislation has brought response from retailers. This law contains provision for commercial buildings that make improvements to their energy system. Energy improvements complete in 2006 and 2007 are eligible for tax deduction as much as $1.80 per square foot as cited in A.D.Neale Laws of the US :A Study of competition Enforced (1997) 129. This law benefit retailers who work a lot using energy and those who needed to correct their power connections as it became cheap.

The new legislation which contains several protections has helped the retailers a lot in their business endives. This legislation is the New York Patriot plan. One of the protections in the law is freedom from discrimination based on military service. This discrimination constitutes a violation of an individual’s civil rights. Another protection is life insurance not to lapse for non-payment of premium for two years. This will ensure that the retailer working on a risky job continues with his job even without the pay of premium for two years but should pay latter.

The new law passed to increase the annuity available to blind veterans has helped retailers a lot. This law has given retailers especially those specializing in animals and animal products to maintain animals healthy by getting good and affordable services from blind veterans. It has also contributed to production of good meat for the consumer in market hence a booming business.

The new bill passed and singed by Governor Mark Warner which directs shipping of wines by Virginia Wines industry will positively affect the wine related retailers. This law gives the company power to expand into new market including those where they do not have wholesale distribution. Under the new law consumer will get as much as two cases a month shipped to their home. This will boost the wine-related retailers as a job opportunity has been created.

The `big- box ` retailer bill is an advantage to the large retailers while a disadvantage to the developing retailers, whose business are small and growing. This is because the influx of low paying big box retail job will deprive the city of sales taxes, force consumers to pay high prices, take jobs from poor people and push new development to the suburbs. The advantage is that the big-box retail job will grow with time and after a will they will be able to employ more people and contribute to the cities and countries economic growth.

The new legislation OMHA H.B  672 of the Home Ohio-Ohio manufactured Home Association has included  language that will allow community owners to permit retailers to display and sell homes  in manufactured home communities in order to increase occupancy and upgrade communities as cited in Roy L.Moore, Ronald T Farrar and Erik L Collins Advertising and Public Relations (1998) 45.The law also saved retailers from significant legal costs through managing the legal forms through their attoney.This two have been advantageous to the retailer and consumers from the company.

The new law passed to protect retailer from e-commerce competitors is of benefit to the middlemen. This law allows the retailers to sell their goods and services at the same cost and offer them without financial strain.

Poland ministries on July 11, 2007, passed a law which restrict foreign supermarket to a certain size. This law was passed by the polish government and it aims at hindering the expansion of foreign hypermarket chains whose size might harm local retails.

The new law of labeling of all beef states that all beef will be stamped with a label that discloses if the cattle used to produce the beef were born, raised or slaughtered outside the US. An example of a package label may read “born, raised in Canada, processed in US” or “born in Mexico, raised in US, PROCESSED IN us.” or “born, raised and processed in New Zealand.” This is according to Posner, Tony the Limits of Competition la w 2005.This law however place for the service to ensure they do not partake mixed meat.

The provision of the 2002 Farm Bill that dictates a mandatory country of origin law {MCOOL} has a negative effect on the retailer who produces pork. This is because the demand for pork has not increased while the producers are producing pork at a high cost. The price of pigs has also gone up making it difficult for retailer to purchase.

Small retailers will be negatively affected by the new California law requiring beefed-up health benefits for the employees. This rising benefit cost will  led to shut down of several retail of several retail shops as the owners do not get so much money to raise this cash.

New law pressed the consumer to rip off the middle man who is the consumer is lethal as it is going to kill the retailer’s business. The consumer clam that they should be able to purchase from whom they choose to, using new technology that saves money and time.

A law to name companies who are retailers, who sell rancid products to be exposed, is legalized. The new consumer protection law forces controller and authorities to publish on the internet the names and information about retailers who have been said to sell rancid products. This will kill the retail business and does not allow for room of change. The law will hinder retail business growth.

The law of Restrict Competition has affected retailers and other business men. Less consensus exist in the field of vertical agreements. These are agreements which are not between firms at the same level of production but firms at different levels in the supply chain. An example of this is a supermarket and a bread producer.

The law which was passed in US Supreme Court has become less serious in cases predicted on agreements between companies that are not directly in competition with one another such as a baking manufacturer and a baking retailer, while maintaining a strict prohibition against the same level of the supply chain. Such an agreement two retailers or between two distributers.This is cited from Posner, Tony, The Limited of Competition Law, (2005)155.

 Laws on taxation will pin down retail business. The single business tax and personal property taxes that are hindering our business from competing with others in the state. Reduce of these taxes would solve the problem.

The Thai government has endorsed a new law aimed at slowing the expansion of foreign retail giant following an out cry by local shop owners. The new law calls for local governments to assess and approve any proposed new branches of supermarket chains in their province. In addition a new central body called the retail and wholesale supervision committee would be set to regulate the retail business around the country. This law will kill retail business in Thai. This information is cited from Posner Richard, The Economic Analysis of Law 7th ed. (2007) 109.

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