Law and society Analysis Paper


For a lot of people there is a general understanding that law can bring social changes. The concept that through the judicious study and the use of law is possible to create progressive laws that can real transform the world into a better place. Indeed Toope (2007) notes quotes great law thinker Philip Allot as stating that, the amazing progress human beings have achieved would not have been likely without law.”

Toope (2007) clearly asserts that, social change will be very meaningless unless it is strengthened by law. This appears to be self-evident: because without a structure of law, there is no society that can be able to govern it self.  Likewise, no individual or a group of people can be guaranteed of security, and no foundation could be laid for an individual, community, or national success.  And if any society want to many any changes in the way it is being governed, then no matter how these changes are envisioned or enacted, they has to be sustained by laws. This creates a strong and lasting structure, which enshrines change in the society.

Law can bring changes in all spheres and level of the society. These changes could be progressive changes that are brought up within the society to improve an issue within the society. Locally, we may be talking about changes that could be formulated in healthcare practices, for example formulated to safeguard patients; or new methods to treat homelessness within society.

On the globally or intentional picture , laws can bring changes to address issues such as human rights, democracy and social liberties, regulations concerning individual movement within national and international borders, even laws addressing movement of goods and services. Thus, as Rosenberg (2008) affirms, laws can result in better social life within the society. However, he adds that, it is important to underscore that laws only can not change the society, there most be applied correctly and in a just manner to bring about the envisioned changes.


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