Law & Social Inequality


Social inequality is the imbalance of people’s right in any of the society. This can be practiced in different ways depending on the way the people of certain community or culture terms it to be. One of the most common and frequently practiced in our today’s community and cultures is violence. This affects all kind and type of people every day in our life. Violence does not depend on the amount of money that you have, your race or culture of which you come from, your ability or even your age (Women health 2007).

The violence against women is one of these violence practice in our day to day life, this is particularly insidious the crime against humanity (French 1998). This can be through physical assaults, attempted and completed sexual assaults, stalking, mental or even emotional. This particular form of violence can be practiced by anybody, whether a family member, your boyfriend or spouse, friend, an acquaintance or even a stranger to you. Violence against women have been established as one of the crimes in the society just like murder, and thus any body going against its rule and regulations is eligible for punishment from the society (Renzetti 2004).

This has been the threat or the use of force to intimidate the woman in the society the results in injury or death. These includes violence such as; rape, domestic violence, family violence, marital rape, sexual abuse and assault, intimate partner violence, homicide, teen dating violence, elder abuse, battering, spouse abuse and even the killing ones mother. This violence affects women of all ages, races and even ethic groups (Women Health 2007).

Literature review

In the year 2001, a research was carried out on the way of which women are being victimized in the society and by whom. From the research, it was found out that fifty four percent of the violence was reported by the women who were victimized by someone close to them or even a person they knew, these could be their intimate partners, relative, friend or even an acquaintance. Where as forty five percent were reported to be totally strangers to the victim (Renzetti 2004) These victimizations includes, physical assaults, attempted or completed sexual assault and stalking.

This particular form of violence has been known to be exacted in different ways to the victim. Some of these ways include the following;

·        The male person using his male powers to intimidate the woman and make her feel like a lesser person in the society.

·        When the woman is not working or does not have anything to any her a living, the male individual uses that financial pressure to make her unable to support herself financially or even forcing the woman to resign from the work place in the name of nurturing the young ones.

·        The male tries to be too harsh in the house that instils fear to the woman this can be through gestures, talks or even the looks.

·        Some of the men even use the children to torture the woman psychologically; this can be through threatening her to take the children away from her.

·        Forcing the woman to be separate from her family members and her friends.

This violence has ended up raising the public awareness of the extent and seriousness of the violence against women. With this, feminists began to organise for speak out that could enable women talk openly in a supportive environment about their victimizations. These victimizations could be the one at the hand of the perpetrators are that at the hand of the police and the court of which the cases were not dealt with fairly. Later, they began to open crisis line of which the victims were allowed to call for counselling and support from the organisation (Renzetti 2004).

It has been of more concern as to the social failure to acknowledge, remedy and even prevent this particular victimization of violence against women. The courts and police forces in various nations have continually offering little concern on the women who have been abused, stalked, raped or even sexually harassed. They have neglected their responsibility and instead blamed the women for their predicaments (French 1998).

The women urges out that, women who are raped do wear wrong clothes are found in the wrong places or even behave in the wrong way. Where as the women who are battered by their husbands should have read the signals early enough and leave their partners and the prostitutes gets the rough treatment that they do get because they have decided to sell sex and thus seen as willing participants (French 1998). Thus, the law argues to be offering a fair and justice treatment to all of the nation citizens, as the victims of the sexual assault and spouse battering should have foreseen the potentiality for harm and avoided the incident (French 1998)

With this particular relaxation on the implementation of the law effectively, it has resulted into many women in this world living in a constant state of fear of violence from their partners wherever they are, fear for their lives whenever they go and visit and even fear for the safety of their female children. This has led to great tension to women in their lives in that they do not even think of anything positive from the law (Grusky 2001).

This particular law Violence against Women Act which was passed on in 1994 was meant to impose punishment to the defaulters and giving relevant help to the victim of the incidence. None the less, as much as the law is in existence, it is non effective, this has led to many women being ineffective in the development of the nation as they are afraid of the kind of violence that will be treated to them (Sweetman1999).

Because of this discrimination of the women in the society, the women health organization sat down again in the year 2006 and restructured the law so as to at least protect their women against harsh conditions in the society. On too this new structured law act, more funding were added for legal aid programs and services of which some of it included:

·        Provision of funds for the rape crisis centers: this will enable the managers of the centre to be able to attend to the victims effectively.

·        Establishment of the violence prevention programs: These programs will provide the rule and regulations for protecting the women against violation in the society. With these same rules, it will have at least a provision of punishment for the crime offender.

·        Programs to meet the needs of woman of different races or ethnicities.

·        Provision of better services for female children and teens that are infected: this will enable the young women to growth up appreciating the society other than coming up with the negative attitude about the society of which they grow in. it will also give the young female children the ability to be activists in the prevention of the violence against women.

·        Invents more and more programs and services for victims with disabilities: these programs will offer some of the knowledge to the women and make them be productive in the society.

·        Provision of better protections programs for the victims who have been evicted from apartments because of being victimized of domestic violence or stalking: this will give the women the positive attitude to live in the society without being neglected by the fellow members of the community.

With this effect, at least the violence against women has now been attended to by the public and the nation as a whole. This has also reduced the blames that the society were imposing on the women and now concentrate on the way they can reduce this particular form of violence in the society.

In addition to the law programs that have been formulated, there are other suggestion that people are advised to do in order to maintain the violence against women at a very low level or even not at all (Poling 2003). Some of these are;

·        Calling the police. The society is being advised to be at alert and be ready to inform the police force in case, one hears or see any evidence of violence against women being practiced anywhere. This will help the police to at least maintain the law in all area of the nation and thus being able to get up the people who attempt to go against the law.

·        Volunteer: the society is also being enlightened to at least volunteer themselves at a local domestic shelter or any organization that is put up to assist the victim or working to prevent the violence against women.

·        Protect yourself: for the violence law to be of more help to the female gender in the world, the individual are being advised to protect themselves against the incident. By this, the female person has to ensure that , she wear the appropriate wear wherever she is, be with good company at a good place at good time and also know what they are saying in whatever time they speak. This has been as a result of the assumption that, the victimization has been as the result of their wear and talk of which triggers the man hormones to act violently to the woman.

·        Assist the individual of whom may be in an abusive relationship: this can be through helping that person to get out of it of try and counsel them in the way of living in peace.

·        Raise the children in good manner: by these, the parent should be able to live as an example to the children. The parent has to ensure that, the children grow up know the good conducts in the society and respect people in the society. This is causing them to treat others just the same way they would like to treat by the people around them. This particular precautions, has all the weight for the crime practice, as whenever the young one grows up knowing that women are lesser human being in the society, nothing will ever hinder him or her to be either a victim of the violence or even practice the act.

Be an activist: being one of the activists for the violence against women will enlighten people on the benefits of the action and thus reduce the rate of the violence.

Thus the Non Governmental organisations have tried their level best to ensure that the law against women violence is implemented and adjusted to be able to ensure that there is fairness n the community and justice.

With their efforts, the governments of different nation have tried to implement some of the practices in their court laws like imprisonment for the offenders. Although, because of some of the cultures certain area, this have not been hundred percent perfect, as people are still clanged to their cultural practises.


Therefore in the case studies that have been carried on and on in many years, have prove that in the past, the law was existing but there was no justice and fairness in the implementation of the law concerning the violence against women, till the year 2006 when the law was restructured and more action added to that could protect the women from the crime (Women Health 2007). For that reason, the current law promotes justice and fairness for everybody in the society.


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