Law School: Realizing Dreams and achieving goals

From where I come from, the word problem is not a rare happening. In fact, it has been a part of our lives from the moment I came into being. By this I mean not the usual everyday trouble we encounter and the obstacles that come our way from time to time. The word problem for us is served together with our morning coffee. I came from a Hispanic/ Mexican background and my family has been struggling very hard to make ends meet. My father did not have the chance to go to school and obtain my degree.

My mother had to give up her dreams when she got pregnant and gave birth to me. Being the eldest, I know and I am fully aware of the responsibilities that lie heavily on my shoulders.  It is something that one would wish to disregard but the conscience cannot dispense. The struggles have been long and hard, I finished college by working on my own to support my studies, because my father has to provide for other basic necessities of the family, including my two younger siblings. This is my life, I have accepted it but not as a symbol of defeat rather as a signal that I recognize what is lacking and I am more than determined to change the wheels of fate and turn a little luck on our side.

As a child I have been a firm believer in persevering for my dreams. It is most evident during the days when trying to ends meet has also been an impossible task. I continued to study college and eventually I became the only person in the family who graduated and earned a degree. During the most trying times of our lives, even the food we eat is a miracle. Unbelievable but true. For most people, this can be a touching story but for us, and for others similarly situated, we are living in nightmare we all wish to wake up from one day.

This situation has not stopped me from gaining the confidence that I can succeed.  This has been my motivating factor for wanting to enter law school. I am aware that law school is more than a simple challenge where one has to just survive every round. Law school and the dream of becoming a lawyer is a lifelong dedication to justice, fairness, equality and integrity. It comes with a lot of advantages but every bit of that advantage is coupled with responsibility. It is more that being a lawyer and getting a high paying job. Law school and the job of a lawyer entail integrity, honesty and hard work.

More importantly, it also requires the ability to foster camaraderie and harmonious relationship towards others. This is where diversity enters. Having a Hispanic/ Mexican background, I have always felt that we belong to the minority. But knowing that this school is about fair play, I decided that it is the perfect institution for me—–an institution where diversity and unity meet.  Mustering the courage to apply is the first step towards attaining the ultimate goal.  To finish and become a lawyer is the fulfillment of a dream.

I definitely know and understand that law school is tantamount to sacrifice. I have experienced a lot of setbacks in life and this is one challenge I will not cower from. I decided to enter law school, therefore, I am willing to  face all challenges and determined enough to ensure that I come out a winner.