Law School Entrance Essay

“The good needs fear no law; it is his safety and the bad man’s awe.” [1] This simple yet profound statement essentially sums up the reason why I wanted to pursue legal studies and eventually become a worthwhile lawyer. I believe the law must never afflict the innocent with any burden instead it should function as an impenetrable mantle of protection against injustice and oppression. No one should fear the law, if he is with the law. It should provide absolute security for all who do nothing wrong.

As an immigrant from Russia, I know what obstacles are. I have learned countless ways to deal with them. I fought with everything I had to endure many hardships and problems. Although, we can never emancipate ourselves from difficulties as long as we are still alive, I discovered a system to face them head on.

There is no other way to solve problems but to confront them. I am half Armenian and half Russian who came to America with almost nothing in my pocket and no family to go. Back home, my mother is in constant struggle with her affliction- breast cancer. My family had to undergo many struggles that almost made us give up. I am a survivor of a capricious fate. If someday I will be successful with my life, I am in a great company of men and women who literally had to start from scratch. “Difficulty is a severe instructor. Our antagonist is our helper.” [2] Once we begin to see conflict in a different perspective we start to understand their essence.

I understood the essence of struggles. I embraced their warmth and wisdom. I worked hard and toiled my way to a college degree. I took advantage of every great opportunity that presented itself. I grabbed chances and risks. I was a member of Rutgers University soccer, basketball, and softball teams. Life is too short to be wasted. There are times when failures are apparent. Unless you learn to accept them and move on, you will never appreciate the impact of what you have just done. I learned, a long time ago, to challenge fate and create my own story. For these reasons, I strongly believe I am an excellent candidate for law school.

Happiness is the reason why I want to pursue legal education. After having gone through so many things in life, I have discovered that only happiness matters. Genuine happiness can only be achieved through service. No amount of wealth or fame can ever create joy within someone who knows not how to serve others. “How cheap is genuine happiness and yet how dearly do we all pay for its base counterfeit.” [3] It is a cliché but I want to help those who are oppressed. I want to use the law as a means to lend a hand to those whose rights are violated. I want to give back the kindness that my community has shown towards me. That is the essence of life.

I hope my future in the legal arena conveys much brighter possibilities. I really do want to help people especially those who don’t know much. I want to be there for those who are confused and stuck in terms of legal issues. I want to make a difference and this is an excellent platform to initiate that. To be a lawyer is a great opportunity to have a certain level of authority to change people’s lives. I want to be in a position where my thoughts and actions will make a considerable impact on society. I love to work for the community. I will work for the community.

It has always been my greatest dream to become somebody someday. I now understand what that somebody stands for. It represents an ideal servant, one who tirelessly campaigns for the good of people. I want to take that responsibility that I know in my deepest senses I can. I hope I will be given the chance to fulfill that dream. The law is my vocation. Let me heed the call.[1] Massinger, Middleton, and Rowley[2] Burke[3] J. N. Barker