Law school admission

The world is fast becoming a borderless place.  Cultures, races, beliefs and ideologies are blend together and interact because of the growing advances in communications.  In order to succeed in this world, one needs to be able to adapt to the various cultural differences as well as be able to maintain a certain sense of individual identity.  This is one of the main reasons why I think Florida International University is the best place for me to cultivate and develop my talents.

 I have always dreamed of becoming a lawyer.  I must admit that at I was initially after the money that lawyers make but certain experience in my life have shown me the other side of the law.  My family traveled a lot when I was younger.  This experience has exposed me to all sorts of cultures and societies; from the poverty of families in Jamaica to the wealth of families in California.  Yet what these travels revealed was that regardless of race or creed or financial standing, the law applied equally to all of them.  While there are some who are arguably able to prolong the execution of justice, nobody really escapes from the law.

My other experience with the law came when I was working for two (2) lawyers in the past.  One of them was a lawyer in the field of criminal law while the other one was a lawyer in the field of immigration law.  I must admit that neither of them had the fancy cars or the huge houses that lawyers usually have.  Yet there was something about them that made them very successful from my point of view.

The fact that they knew the cases of their respective clients by heart and even the names of their children and family situation made me see them and the practice of law in general in a different light.  These were lawyers who were in a position to make millions of dollars yet they chose not to and instead devoted their lives to uphold the justice system of the state and of this great country.

This dream of mine to become a great lawyer has to begin somewhere and I believe that my journey begins at the Florida International University.  The great record that the University has as well as the excellent core of teachers and educators will definitely be instrumental in shaping me to become that great lawyer that I want to be.  The other aspect which has made me decide on the Florida International University is the campus community.

The rich and diverse campus community will be able to provide me with a great place to learn and become a great lawyer.  Being a lawyer after all depends greatly on an individual’s ability to relate, communicate and deal with other people regardless of race or creed and the diverse campus community that the Florida International University offers will be the perfect place for me to enhance and develop my skills as an aspiring lawyer.

While I personally believe that “there is no such thing as a free lunch” and that everything a person has in life must come from hard work and perseverance, I also believe in charity.  I believe in helping others who do not have much in life.  I believe in helping people regardless of their nation, race or creed.  I believe in being a better person so I can best help myself and others around me.  This is why I want to be a lawyer, not just a lawyer but a great lawyer and I firmly believe that Florida International University is the best place for me to pursue this dream.