Law opinion paper

We are lucky enough to live in a country ran by Democracy. Because of that we must live under laws, or rules created by public officials to govern the land we live on. Laws are created by the state or federal legislators. Once created laws are enforced by the executive branch of our government. The judicial branch then looks at the laws to make sure they are in compliance with the United States constitution and that they are valid laws. Often times members of congress will come up with an idea for a new law and present it to state or federal legislation to try to get a legislator to help them get the law going.

Laws are created once a problem is noticed. If someone is doing something there is no law against, but people feel there should be someone may try to take the next step to set that law in motion. Laws are created to help prevent and eliminate any action that is seen to be a problem. When created laws also normally contain some sort of flexibility. This means if someone breaks that law, but has a just cause in doing so they may not be convicted of breaking that law or have to serve the normal sentence for that law.

Judges are now required to take into consideration how laws were handled in other cases thanks to the common law heritage. This prevents a judge from making up their own law when they oversee a case. This protects all of our rights as American citizens. In other countries it is perfectly acceptable for the judge to make a decision based on their own feeling and not the facts of the law. We are lucky to live in a place that allows us to be protected by previously set in place laws and not a judge’s moral feelings.

I feel at times laws become to tight nit and not all things are taken into consideration. For instance it is the law to wear a seat belt or you receive a ticket if caught without one. For me this a law I feel should not be a law at all. I think that is a personal choice and I hold it dear to my heart because of family members who died in an accident because they wore their seat belt. I do agree with most laws that are being enforced in America right now or trying to be. I definitely agree with tighter gun laws. As a mother I feel safer for my child knowing that not just any person can walk in a store and buy a gun. I think laws are a great thing but they are definitely something that must be reviewed over time. Laws that applied 20 years ago may not apply today. When creating laws our government officials need to look at what is best for the greater public. What will benefit everyone and not just a certain group of people. I also think when laws are being created they need to be fair and all loopholes need to be covered. We have had way to many people getting off for committing serious crimes lately because of loopholes in the law. We live in a wonderful country that is based on a lot of laws. Keeping these laws up to date and just should be the number one priority for law makers.

Regardless of where you live in America or even the world you will definitely be subject to some sort of laws. The way they create laws here in America is based on several years of trial and error. Laws are not always perfect from the start but we get to live in a place that is constantly looking back at the laws to improve them for the greater good of the people. What is so misunderstood about laws is that they are in place to protect us for the most part and not to control us or hurt us. Understanding the laws in our country is the only way to be sure you know what is going on and what is acceptable. It also allows you to voice your opinions with an educated voice. Once the laws in our country start to fail, our country will fail.