Law makers

Every organization seeks to recruit qualified personnel who are honest and will portray a good image of the organization to outsiders. For them to hire such individuals they have developed better ways that complement the use of resume. The employment application is therefore a modern way by which organizations use in the recruitment of new staff. It is designed in such a way that there is a place for signing which seals and ensures that all the information given is true.

Furthermore, their standard format makes it easy for the human resources to work with especially when dealing with a large number of applicants Borgadus (2004). The Strengths and weaknesses Strengths The strengths of the Cornell University Employment Application are as follows: To begin with, we know what institution we are applying at as indicated by the University logo therefore, it will not be used by another organization falsely and the applicant believes the information being relayed is given in confidence furthermore it stays within the said institution.

It does not restrict the applicant because if they want to talk more on an issue not indicated in the form, they are free to add it in the supplemental sheet. Another good thing about this form is that if one lost their contacts, they are allowed to write somebody’s address whom they trust and is reachable. The applicant can choose for themselves whether they want to work part-time, full-time or temporary, the number of hours one would like to work and the salary they expect. Armstrong (2006).

One is allowed to attach his/her resumes consequently, if they feel that some of their details especially under employment record, education , training and references are in the resume they don’t have to fill the spaces as long as the resume is attached to the Employment Application. The application being signed and dated makes it a legal document therefore applications should be treated with utmost respect. Certain cases may arise for example impersonation and this form can be presented as evidence to the law makers.

The application states clearly that it does not discriminate anyone on any basis so everyone who believes they have the necessary qualifications is eligible to apply subsequently if someone felt as outcasts in society, it makes them feel accepted as members of the community. The document does not end after signing. It continues further to give the applicant more information about the company’s policies with regards to recruitment and selection process and even has a phone number to be contacted in case anyone has questions.

Weaknesses The problems in relation to this employment application include. When listing previous jobs, the applicant is required to give reasons for leaving the stated jobs. This is more or less an invasion of privacy as some people may have personal reasons and are not comfortable letting the whole human resource department aware of and they would prefer that when approached on this issue it should be onto be on a face to face interview because it will not be written down.