British Crime Survey

Prior to the formulation of the positivist agenda, due to the lack of literature and policy developments in the area... Continued

Burden of Proof

Harold set up a business without obtaining a licence as required by statute. He insured his business premises under a... Continued

Fast track

The fast track was introduced in April 1999, and has no previous history. Its intention is to provide a means by which... Continued

The Court of Appea

Various things may happen even before formal proceedings commence. On the claimant's application, for example, the... Continued

Legal proceedings

In civil cases, it is up to the potential claimant (formerly called the plaintiff) to decide whether or not to begin... Continued

Statutes and Duties

If all of the criteria above are satisfied then a breach of statutory duty action will succeed. Within each of these... Continued

Law Reform 1945

Injuries sustained as a participant in a sport may constitute Trespass to the Person (irrespective of whether they are... Continued

Coastguard Act 1925

On 1st April 2000, Drake a yachtsman was sailing off the coast of Devon, when he got into severe difficulties due to... Continued