Fear of crime

The media and statistical sources combine to construct crime in many different ways, as can be seen in the... Continued

What is Justice?

Justice is the quality of being just or fair and in other words, a reference to the fairness and legality in the way... Continued

Theory of justice

There is much debate between contemporary political theorists as to the significance of the family within the... Continued

Guilty of crimes

In addition to the ambiguity of the Neurath's testimony, there is reason to doubt the fairness of his trial... Continued

Under the Crime

What is the origin of the life sentence for murder in Britain, and what could be done to improve the What is the... Continued

The Lord Advocate

In the Lord Advocate's Reference [2000], three women vandalized a Trident Submarine installation. They caused... Continued

Community treatment

When considering why Grendon1 has been described as a Maverick prison, it is necessary to consider what is the purpose... Continued

The law of rape

We do not need the changes to the law of rape that the Sexual Offences Bill will introduce. While the enhanced... Continued

The proposed law

The new law proposed by the conservative party would provide an absolute defence to householders against intruders in... Continued