Criminal Liability

Sophie was driving her car when it staled at traffic lights. Edward was in the car behind Sophie, and got out of his... Continued

Legal cause

In provocation cases it must also be asked whether a "reasonable man" would have lost control and acted as D... Continued

The same crimes

In the modern world, official statistics cover the economy, crime, unemployment, education etc. Official statistics... Continued

Eyewitness Testimony

In 1976, in the UK, the Devlin committee was formed to investigate the reliability of eyewitness testimony, the Devlin... Continued

Criminal Offence

There are reasons why FGM should not be considered as a criminal offence. Namely, FGM can improve cleanliness... Continued

Crime Scene to Court

Witholding evidence from the defence that could help their case or impair the prosecution's by the forensic expert... Continued

Criminal Law LLB

In cases where a person had self-injected with a lethal substance and died, we know that it was the injection of the... Continued