Press Employment Law

The most obvious distinction between cases of wrongful and unfair dismissal is that the former is decided in the civil... Continued

The legal position

The main legal point here is the discrimination on grounds of sex. As previously stated the SDA 1975 prohibits any... Continued

The Court of Appeal

"The fact that the risk of some damage would have been obvious to anyone in his right mind in the position of the... Continued

Criminal law

Recklessness on the other hand, generally involves taking an unjustifiable risk with the awareness of that risk. 15... Continued

BANK Management

This coursework is a requisite for the course BANK Management. The main objective of this coursework is to describe... Continued

The Supreme Court

Probation- A sentence of imprisonment that is suspended. Also, the conditional freedom granted by a judicial officer... Continued

The Homicide Act

The House held that no distinction should be drawn, when attributing characteristics for the purpose of the objective... Continued

Homicide Act 1957

Once the subjective requirement is satisfied, that the defendant was provoked to lose self control, the court must go... Continued