Law entrance essay

Your earnest desire to study law is almost the same when you begun studying nursing. The craved for new knowledge and challenges stirred up so intense for such reason that passion to achieve new things beyond your skills, knowledge driven you to pursue it. Your intellectual and potential interest is no longer a question in taking up law because you were able to pass your nursing profession. In any endeavor, there are 3 things to consider only. You must have big heart, determination and patience.

You were able to proved these when you were able to finished your first profession. Your personal interest to study in particular at Mc Gill somehow gives you familiarity with that school which has a nicer environment with a piece of comfort and conducive for your learning skills. Personal interest is such a great potential which can contribute best to the lives of the Mc Gill faculty.

Your intellectual capacity is just a mere product of your earnest personal interest. Working for 20 years as a nurse aid as a good vehicle in evaluating your quality and clarity of expression for your intellectual curiosity and capacity, social commitment, political insights, leadership skills and your ability to work in a healthcare team in that long period of time. Why? Rendering utmost service to your clients daily with different cases, different personality and status in life for 20 years is a mirror of great reflection as an individual with a maximum potential. You will not be able to exist in your work for 20 years if you do not have that personal touch and influence to your clients and to your working team.

Appraising your maturity and potential for growth through opportunity and adversity was already tested by the numbers of years in working as a nurse. Being a member of a minority which had an experience maybe of some few personal issues helped aggravates furthermore your utmost desire and interest in pursue to study law was of great consideration as a huge factor being a catalyst of your intense desire. With some social issues such as access difficulties for education in a university continues to flame that burning desire to know more about due process, justice, rights to equality to every individual who rightfully deserved it.

This personal interest of yours to study law awaken your inner being as to how and what particular way you could possibly help your clientele and/or constituents in another way in terms of legal matters not only from health care side. Perhaps, your experience in serving and hearing the needs of the people daily and with your unshaken interest to study law could be an excellent weapon in achieving your personal vision as an individual. However, I am fully aware that somehow studying law is of great relevance with your present profession as of now.

Studying law is such a great avenue for opening new opportunity and challenges with can strengthen you further and at same time a huge window of sharing your blessings to clientele who deeply needs your extending arms and hands of help. That eagerness to study law, could lead you somehow in taking to a new dimension and phase in life which you, yourself could be of great importance and as a big help to those who awaits you there in the another side of rainbow.

Basically, your experience is your personal vehicle and your interest is the fuel of that said vehicle. Now, as you travel with that vehicle of experience full of fuel of interest in pursuing your dream study, determination and patience in studying law could be considered as a great weapon for any obstacles and impediments that may come along the way. So, go for it!


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