Law enforcement stress

In its homepage, the Central Florida Stress Unit, Inc. describes itself as a nonprofit organization that exists to help, through counseling services and therapy, law enforcement officers who suffer the various stresses brought about by their profession. It is not affiliated with the police department or any law enforcement agency. It simply aims to help. The site includes a lot of educational information like recognizing the symptoms of stress, tips on how reduce stressors, and other brief articles that are certainly worth reading on the part of its intended audience: the police officers.

It was put up primarily for police officers of Central Florida but anyone from any state would identify with the topics being tackled in the articles and hopefully, by chancing upon the site, it could encourage the police officer facing a stressful situation to look for similar sites or organizations within his locality. Localizing the service by specifying Central Florida in its organization’s name is a weakness of the site but being non-profit and probably meager in resources, it is understandable why the Central Florida Police Stress Unit is concentrated upon a specific locality.

The site, however, even for Central Florida police officers, is simply the beginning for anyone who really seeks help. This could be the reason why the site is designed simply with no frills or fancy photos and fonts. It is to be a springboard only for any self-reflection or plan to get counseling and treatment.

The most useful aspects of the site are the contact information and the link box at the bottom which lead one, especially those who are non-Florida residents, to other organizations and sites which deal with the same concerns and services as the Central Florida Police Stress Unit, Inc. but which tackle more specific stressors like suicide or the burden of wearing a badge.

 I would definitely recommend the use of the site for my classmates since, in spite of its being a localized service for those in Central Florida, the featured articles are helpful by themselves and the links could lead them to other similar sites which could provide them the appropriate sites they need to help with their particular problems.