Law Enforcement: Police Officer

On June 23, I interviewed Police Officer Jefferson Andrews while he was on-duty, taking a quick break after patrolling. PO Andrews is a 29 year old law enforcer in the Delaware State Police Department and has been serving the people for the past four years. He has already acquired plenty of experiences being a policeman ranging from night patrols to actual crime scene operations. I interviewed PO Andrews so as to obtain information relevant to his field as well as to have a better understanding on how it is to be a law enforcer.

During the course of my interview, the areas we tackled primarily involved educational requirements, the positive and negative aspects of being a police officer, duties, salaries, as well as recommendations to those who want to pursue the career. Educational Requirements In the Delaware State Police Department, the educational requirement is to either have a diploma in high school or a certificate of equivalency duly endorsed by the Department of Education of Delaware.

If this requirement has not been met, there is still another alternative. The individual must have at least three years of background experience in the US Armed Forces with an honorable discharge or release. Other qualifications Apart from the educational requirement, there are also other qualifications that must be addressed by the aspiring individual. He or she must be at least 21 years old as of the 23rd of April, 2007 and that he or she must also be not older than 32 years old as of the 19th of May, 2007.

The individual must also be a genuine US citizen and must necessarily qualify in the examinations that will test the physical and medical abilities required before being appointed. If the individual, on the other hand, is a veteran who is eligible, an additional four years maximum can be supplemented to the service time in the age. Benefits Through Delaware, the Police Department compensates the work of its law enforcers primarily through salaries.

The starting wage roughly ranges at about $49,174 which includes payments during holidays as well as reimbursements for the annual uniform. For achievements in academic standards, the police officers are duly compensated as well, with the pay scale depending on the level of the academic degree completed. Other benefits Aside from salaries, other benefits include insurances in health and dental care as well as inclusion in the retirement scheme of Delaware.

Some of the other benefits also include a flexible account for spending, deferred compensation as well as the advantage to be admitted into the Credit Union of Delaware, granting the capability to purchase loans. Duties Being a member of the Domestic Violence Unit, one of PO Andrews’ primary duty, along with his fellow law enforcers in the department, is to make certain that the locality is safe for the families and that these families are devoid of violence. His department also enforces the applicable regulations and codes supported by the Family Court, Attorney Generals Office and many others.