The law enforcement officers

The involvement of law enforcement officers in domestic violence has made them loss their respect in the eyes of the public. The law enforcement officers are meant to protect lives and properties, but those among them who engage in domestic violence and battering are destroying the lives they ought to protect. Therefore the public is loosing faith in the agencies of government. According to Davis (2005), Law enforcement batterers must be removed as swiftly and justly as possible, and where criminal prosecution presents difficulties, the civil process must be used.

Hence, since law enforcement officers sworn to protect the lives of the people, they are not to in conformity with this declaration turned into spouse batterer and beat relations closer to them. “Certainly, if officers are willing to abuse those they profess to love, we can only imagine what they are capable of in the community” (ibid) Apart from the public loosing trust in law enforcement officers when some of the agencies members engage in domestic violence, this will also result in victims of domestic violence to loose the courage of coming out to seek for help.

When, those the victim is southing help from are birds of the same weather as those they are running from, they lives no hope of effective justice and succor to victim of domestic violence. This has greatly affected the numbers of people coming out to seek for law enforcement agencies help against domestic violence. According to Gerson (2004), abused children and spouses are often so protective of their abusers that they view law enforcement and protective service officials as threats to their safety rather than protectors.

Therefore, it is seen that law enforcement officers involvement in domestic violence brings about public loss of trust in their protective functions and also it prevent victims of domestic violence form opening coming out to seek for help from the law enforcement officers. ii. WHAT IS THE BEST METHOD OF CURTAILING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AMONG LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS? The check on the psychological frames of law enforcement officers prior to the placement in office during then recruitment process has being greatly advocated as a good measure for controlling the behavior for officers from turning into spouse and relative batterers.

This proactive action will go a long way to instill checks against enlisting spouse beaters and violent personnel to the ranks of the law enforcement agencies. This according to Davis (2005), should be multi diverse proactive preventive interventions that focus on efforts to reduce the number of domestic violence incidents for officers and members of their family through a more supportive workplace and the knowledge that there is assistance for individuals families through psychological counseling and professional victim advocate assistance. iii.

WHAT ARE THOSE RECOMMENDATIONS THAT WOULD MAKE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS MORE EFFECTIVE AT COMBATING THE WAR AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? The following are suggested for an effective domestic control by law enforcement officers 1. The educational qualifications of each officers should be scrutinize at their entry point to the force,. Thus, the agency should recruit only those who have good qualifications. This means those with good qualification like degree will know the implication and consequences of battering and inflicting injuries to other human beings whether related to them or not.

2. The state should put in place written documents to coordinate the different law enforcement agencies operating within the state. This will enable them work together in attaining the same goal of reducing the incidence of domestic violence in the society. 3. For the community to trust the operations of the law enforcement agencies they should bring to the open their handling of domestic violence. This need to be done outside their departments so that the public will be convince of their good performance.


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