Law Enforcement Employees

The task associated with the curtailing of domestic violence in families is posing a huge problem that needs the law enforcement agencies to tackle effectively. The situation when the law enforcement agencies are cut in the act in which they are legally empowered to fight, this tend pose a greater nut to crack. The level of domestic violence is ever on the increase in contemporary times. During the last two decades, the problem of domestic violence in families has become a recognized global problem that deserves the support of all and sundry in addressing it.

According to McAfee (2001), the level of domestic violence was identified by the Surgeon General in United States as a national epidemic that has it negative implication on the public health, thus constituting a problem that is affecting one to four million people each. This constitutes about 30 to 50% of homicides case associated with females. Given, the raising trends of homicides the situation is further worsen by those some people who are to protect the helpless people from domestic violence in the family are themselves the perpetrators of this crime against their fellow family members.

The law enforcement officers are supposedly assumed to possess the necessary acumen and put up the right attitude of controlling and fighting crime against domestic violence. The medical professionals and physicians are made, as a compulsion from the American Medical Association (AMA) to pass courses on domestic violence in order to make them prepare to control the health implication arising from such violent act (Ibid). Women constitute about 95% of victims to domestic violence.

The U. S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (2004) gave the following data on crimes and violence in families: 5. 4 million violent victimizations, constituting 3 million male victims (3% by intimates) 2. 7 million female victims (20% by intimates). 700,000 non-fatal violent victimization are committed by current or former spouses, boyfriends, or girlfriends. 85% of assaults were against women. 1,300 women were killed by intimate partners. 550 men were killed by intimate partners.