Law Enforcement Career

The continuing desire to be of service to others remains to be the common goal for every profession. It is what continues to motivate and inspire people that each one can make a difference out of their actions. Through these actions, we gain a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in the things that we do. With this adage in mind, I wish to present my interest to apply for a degree in the law profession.

The commitment for service has been the main determinant for my application in this degree. I believe that law enforcement has the ultimate responsibility of safeguarding the welfare of individuals within the community and society. With the current diversifications and challenges surrounding our country today, we need more law enforcers who are skilled and adept in handling these complex situations. I believe that I have what it takes to be one.

Looking at it, I feel the fulfillment of creating avenues for service to people. For me, helping others can be seen in many ways from assisting someone in changing a flat tire to aiding a person who left his or her keys inside a car. At first, I wanted to be a paramedic who can aide and assist individuals during times of dire need, however there was a change of heart as I realized a different sense of satisfaction being a police officer. There are various reasons as to why I gained these realizations.

The first reason was I wanted to protect the public from criminals and danger. Though the current society boasts technological developments and improvements, the downside of it showcases increased crime rates and uneasiness among citizens. As a law enforcer, I have the responsibility of catering to the security and welfare of the people around me. Moreover, I can create better perceptions of policemen. With the increasing number of corruption and bias surrounding the practice, it is essential to show that not all of them exhibit that particular trait. By doing this, I can foster a healthier relationships within the community.

Another reason is the relative challenges revolving around the practice. I have always been fascinated with the rigorous tasks and hurdles that a law enforcer has to do. From the paperwork to the operations itself, it requires meticulous training for one to be competent in the field. That is why I see this as an opportunity to improve my skills both as a leader and a protector of individual rights. By initiating reform, only then can change be manifested and felt by the community.

Lastly, the course can help me create new relationships and camaraderie in the process of training and education. Since the profession entails eminent dangers, we have to accept the fact that we can only rely to the people around us. It is through this that we realize the importance of brotherhood and friendship amidst the perils of work. It’s one important facet that holds every policeman and law enforcers together. This is what I want to feel and experience as I undergo the program. Not only can I apply this in my current environment, but also unto the community that I serve as well.

Seeing all of these, I do hope that you will consider my application. I believe that my idealism and unending desire to serve can provide avenues for change. My idealism topped by hard work and commitment can serve as a firm foundation for law enforcers facing the challenges of the 21st century. With your help and education, I can better provide hands on experience towards victims. I can effectively address emergencies and instances of people in dire need. By imparting in me the relevant skills that I need, I can be competent in everything I do. My name is Brent Adkins; ready to serve and committed towards making a difference.