Law Enforcement Cameras an Invasion of Privacy

Would you like to be watch at any time, under any circumstances? I think no t. I think the law enforcement cameras are absolutely an invasion of our privacy. Because of the following reasons: first of all because we all need our privacy. Nobody likes to be watch by another person it’s creepy. Second, because they are unnecessary, we can be safe without them. We all have the right to have our own privacy. There is nobody that could say different; nobody can invade our privacy, because it’s against the law.These cameras, that are hidden everywhere, can sometimes invade our privacy. While we are walking on the streets the light poles cameras can watch our every move. There are even some countries where there are so many cameras on the streets that people are afraid to go outside their houses. They are afraid of being watch while they walk or if they might do anything that might seem wrong to the police, and could be arrested for a bad understanding on something.There is no reason why we should be afraid to go outside our homes to enjoy a nice walk on the park or anything else. Cameras everywhere are invading our alone time, we should be able to walk outside in public without being afraid of being watched. Law enforcement cameras are unnecessary. Police men could still be able to protect their community without the use of cameras. How were the authorities ever able to confront criminals without cameras? I think they are very capable of controlling the cities without the use of unnecessary cameras.Before when we didn’t have the technology for cameras, the authorities had to work without these cameras. They had to be more effective they had to be more alert and careful to any criminal act around their community. They didn’t have cameras that watched everything on the streets, so they had to do it themselves they had to have their eyes wide open and watch everything on the streets. Police were fast to catch the criminals on their act or chase them if they had to.They are fast now too but I don’t think they are as effective as they were before when they didn’t have the cameras to help them with their job. I think that the cameras on the traffic lights are necessary, to watch speeding cars and careless drivers. Also to watch cars that don’t respect the lights, etc. but all other cameras are not necessary. We don’t need cameras recording what we do, because it makes us uncomfortable. In conclusion, cameras are an invasion of our privacy. But it also depends where the cameras are placed.The traffic lights for example are necessary even though they invade our privacy too but they are not as bad. Cameras placed on the streets or in public places, are an invasion of our privacy. We don’t need cameras watching us at all times. We need our own times to be alone to feel really alone, and not like people are watching us. We don’t need cameras for that, we could have more police men patrolling the community and to be alert for any crime or suspicious person. Cameras on public places are an invasion of our privacy.