Law enforcement agency Research Paper

Question: Multijurisdictional drug units are common across the country. What issues should be discussed and by who before such a unit is created? How much of the impetus for the creation of these units can be attributed to increased federal funding and irrational fear of drugs? Before creating this kind of unit, it’s best to see if it is absolutely necessary. The first thing that must be assessed is the current drug situation. If none of the counties in question can handle the outbreak of drugs, it makes sense to collaborate in the effort.

After all, those that are moving and selling the drugs are doing the same. It’s also best to look into the capabilities of the law enforcement agencies that are considering the making of the unit. If they are unable to handle the current drug situation, making the unit may be necessary. A third thing to be looked at is the resources that will be used in the creation of the unit. It’s possible to make anything but not without having something in equal value. If the agencies can’t foot the bill, they may need to look into federal assistance.

As we take the time to look at our nation, it’s pretty noticible to see that drugs are taking over. What started off as a small grind has turned into a major hustle. Major drug lords flash a bit of their wealth and recruit hundreds of young people that look to be as rich as the drug lord is one day. Just the thought alone is something that terrifies the federal government. As far as the creation of the multijurisdictional drugs units are concerned, the federal government provides plenty of support and assistance in making this a successful task.