Law enforcement agency Paper Example

What problems did Chris Parson identify as obstacles to growing Linear Systems in the mid-nineties; and what kinds of change strategies did he develop at Linear Systems? 1) According to the case, I think there are two main problems as obstacles to growing Linear Systems in the mid-nineties. One of the problems is the law enforcement agencies would not like using digital technology to generate data. Because they think it was easy to alter or multiply the data.

This risk will threatened a department’s credibility and potentially expose it to liability, especially it will damage to film-generated photographs, videocassettes or CDs. The other one is the digital technology was easy to become commoditized and customers would not to pay for support and service the Linear Systems which provided by Parson’s company. When the digital photography accept the Liner as a new technology. At the same time, customers also respect this new equipment as well as use of this equipment. Because of this equipment would become commodity item eventually, so it was hard to make profits for Linear Systems.

2) Through reviewing this case, I found that Linear System was founded in April 1988. From1992, the system started moving away from computers to digital photography systems. Because of Parson is interested in computers and photography into the digital photography. So he would want to move forward the Linear System as well as make some decisions to make this system fast. When Parson faced a dilemma and found it is not easy to development, he decided to use his technical expertise and knowledge into the business operations of Linear and make profits. Parson think it was time to manage, preserve and archive the digital data produced by the Linear Systems hardware. It is convenient to both the novice amateur photographer as well as professional to manage digital data.

As the generation of much more digital data, the demanders would be increased. According to George and Jones (2012),in the institutional theory of birth, I think this kind of change strategies belong to the R-strategy in organizational theory. As the Linear system is a new item and entering a new environment early. Because of the system started moving away from computers to digital photography systems, in other words, the Linear system as a narrow range of resources in a single niche, which fits specialist strategy in field of R-strategy.