Law Enforcement Agencies Essay Sample

To me all law enforcement agencies have an important roll in how everything is run in the united states. But I would have to pick the FBI, State police, and the United States Customs service. These law enforcement agencies have very specific rolls in protecting our nation, and protecting what enters our country as well. If it wasn’t for these types of agencies it is hard to tell how things would be with the united states today. The FBI holds jurisdiction to over 200 federal crimes. Not only does the FBI serve the United States, but also serves in world terrorism and drug trafficking that involves the United States. The FBI is very secretive, not everything they deal with is publicized. Mainly “white collar” crimes is what the FBI deals with. Things such as federal drug crimes, foreign intelligence, and organized crimes.

This agency is important because it deals with the things that most agencies don’t have the control over, and helps keep the country save and keep all the big crimes that happen in our country under control. State police agencies can apprehend criminal suspects , they provide services to communities and keep control on criminal activity and peace in their state. These officers can pull over intoxicated drivers on the roads, help with burgla ry in a home or business, and anything to do with the law of the state they are in. This law enforcement agency is very important to me, because it deals directly with the communities and with the people in them to help them when need be.

The United States Customs service, serves the United States as border control. They protect our nations borders , keeping control on people entering or leaving the country in airplanes, on ships or by other means of transportation. These agents search any type of vehicle or mode or transportation if they look suspicious and also confirm that the taxes have been paid on all things that come into the country. This is a very effective agency, the country has become more cautious and keep on top of anything or anyone coming into or leaving our country since September 11, 2001.