Law enforcement Essay Example

Change is of the rule of nature. Transformation is a continuing process in the evolution of civilization. States are now welfare states. There was a gradual transformation of police state to welfare state. The force theory of state is one the theories of origin of states. This theory is based upon “might is right”. It says that “state is a repressive agency”. It says that from ancient days, the stronger persons captured the authority and ruled the weaker people by employing force. Even today the force is inherent in the democratic countries also.

Without the force, the people could not be ruled. “A herd of wolves is quieter and more at one than so many men, unless they all had one reason in them, or have one power over them. There are several forms of government serving the people with different patterns. In this context we need to read about the paradigm ideology shift of military rule transformation to civil democratic rule and civil democratic rule to military rule. State originated and sustained by force. Force is the mark of the state. Government is organized by force. People obey law because of fear of punishment.

Unless the state is backed by force there will be lawlessness and disorder. After the Second World War, the number of countries increased, and the United Nations has been established. Representative democracy began to occupy the place of monarchy, military rule. Previously, conception of a state was that of a police state whose primary function was to provide law and order. Now the people demand “Welfare State” in place of “police state”. The state is an organ for the creation, interpretation and enforcement of law, and for the protection of all legal rights.

The main purpose of law is to maintain ‘law and order’ in the country and to see that peace shall prevail in the country. It has to perform ‘police functions’. Law is a body of principles, recognized and applied by the state in administration of justice. Now the military governments are changing their focus about the implementation of the rules and policies and the democratic governments are changing their pattern of legal administrative frame work through more stringent laws. There are some reasons for why the military governments are established.

Corruption: Corruption is a major concern in every day’s administrative work and important reasons for many of the problems. To eradicate it strict military governance is needed. 2. Political instability: If country is not having political stability it will lose grip on all sectors of governance. Once military government is established there will not be fluctuations again such as change of leaders and governance. 3. Economic crisis: Bad governance will lead to economic crisis and country cannot progress. Scrutinized military rules can eradicate this.