Law Enforcement Research Paper

Law enforcement is any system in which some members of society act in an organized manner to develop an obedience to the law by catching and punishing any person who violates the rules and norms of that society. We consider most of what consists of this system as the people who deal with the prevention and punishment of crime but there are a variety of organizations that try to prevent non-criminal acts of the rules and norms and are therefore punished less severely. Most law enforcement are run by some type of law enforcement agency. A large part of this is the police force.

Law enforcement agencies tend to operate within certain jurisdictions, but in some cases they overlap in order to help the greater good. Some specialized divisions have their own internal of law enforcement such as military organizations whom might have their own military police. There are many requirement when trying to become apart of a law enforcement agency. Most organizations require their applicants to pass a variety of tests such as drug tests, written tests, physical agility tests, psychological assessments, a polygraph, a medical exam for both vision and hearing, as well as an oral interview and background investigation.

These tests are to determine your suitability as a law enforcement agent based on character, and psychical and mental capabilities. Many things are taken into consideration when potentially hiring someone in this field. The criminal justice field is known to be completely committed to being a drug free workplace therefore these agencies often scrutinize any prior drug use by any applicant or current employee. Most departments, such as the police, require their employees to have at least a high school diploma or G. E. D.

Some police departments, for example, might hire right out of high school. However most potential officers have to be at least 21 years old. Other basic prerequisites include being a U. S. citizen and having a valid drivers license. I think that when applying to become apart of any law enforcement agency one must have certain qualities along with passing the certain tests during the hiring process. Applicants should continue their education after high school by taking courses or training related to law enforcement in order to reinforce the ir goals in the law enforcement field.

Officers and detectives should be able to multitask their various demands of their everyday work while being able to finish whatever paperwork they might have on time. They should also be able to communicate efficiently when doing tasks such as gathering facts about a crime or writing out details about an incident.

Those working in law enforcement need to understand the people in their jurisdiction and have a willingness to help the public and must be able to determine the best way to solve any given problem quickly and efficiently. Also, good perceptiveness is a quality one should have because being able to predict and understand a person’s reactions is a crucial trait of employees in the criminal justice system. A good law enforcer has leadership skills which means they should be comfortable with being widely known by their community since most will look to them for assistance and guidance in emergency situations.