Law Enforcement Example

With cybercrime spreading tremendously, law enforcement has also increased and stepped their game up. Just as crime has developed with the use of computers, it’s been a bit challenging to actually find and convict criminals. Computers can be used to help facilitate a crime, be the actual target, or even an instrument of the crime. Since there are so many different crimes it makes it difficult for law enforcement to contain the problem as quick as possible, due to criminals working together in many areas and other reasons.

Many cyber crimes are watched over by federal agencies such as the F. B. I. and the NSA. With that being said it takes plenty of skilled individuals to counterattack those criminals, but also find ways to prevent it. With the use of the Internet, criminals can target their victims much easier but also commit their crimes that can actually be untraceable. For law enforcement, I believe the biggest challenge is the overlapping of jurisdictions. One of the biggest cyber crimes is child pornography and there cold be conflict between agencies working certain cases.

With criminals able to commit crimes in different areas through the use of the Internet then it makes it hard to state and local government to overlook the limitations and continue their process. Many of the children affected could’ve been runaways or kidnapped which will limit the jurisdiction of the state involved but also make it hard to find them. I think it’s great that federal agencies are appointed these cases that way the limitations are waived and the search for the criminal but also the child can continue.

Overlapping Jurisdictions are a major issue when it comes to crimes committed in several counties, states and even countries. Individuals can enter and steal information from computers located in different countries that would make it difficult to prosecute them. Also, certain crimes that are illegal in the states could be allowed in other countries that would make it extremely difficult to prosecute individuals for those crimes committed. The good thing is that Congress has passed laws that make the act a crime no matter what the host country make consider.

I think that’s the best solution just because even though the government is trying their best to contain the problem, they also have to be careful with overstepping their boundaries. Even though states have to make sure they don’t cross the lines and overstep their jurisdiction, states should be allowed to at least work together to help solve cases involving cyber crime. Yes, I feel that they should be able to but I know that can cause more harm then good. If the states were to work together, there could be conflict of interests or even lack of evidence.

One state may keep certain evidence from the other state or even give them wrong information. If the states could work together with nothing but positive attitudes then the cases could possibly be solved much quicker. At the same time, I feel as if states already work together a bit when it comes to arrests. For cyber crime, it’ll be tougher just because the criminal would need to be found first but also the local government could contact one another and get the help from each other. Another issue I see is that since the federal government has more authority to enter the states jurisdiction to capture the criminal.

If states were allowed to do it all alone then what would the federal agencies do, this could possibly slow the process down. The federal government has agencies to move on these cases quicker and focus on them, the states officials could lose focus due to the other crimes being committed and take away from other issues at hand. I feel that maybe it’s best that the laws and jurisdictions stay the way it is now. It might help a bit but I can see more issues than results. The United States has a great system of having different levels and jurisdictions for their government officials.

Of course, there are issues when it comes to crimes committed and the best way to find and prosecute the individuals but everyday is a learning process. Cyber crime can occur in the states or easily travel past the borders but with the work of the federal government and other authorities these crimes can be stopped it’ll just take some time. I think that it’ll always be a work in progress but with cyber crime being much more common, our government would be able to pass more laws and restrictions for these criminals.