Law development programe

Awareness- should be aware n learning is necessary not just for top level but for all, environment- flexible or stru shld b there , leadership- restructure individual views, empowerment- shift from mgt to employees. TQM- hard and soft.. soft should be applied. – emphasizes on worker empowerment, team work, responsibilities, open communication, involvement, participation-policies, skill development- programe, retension. It is long term strategy for improvement. Recruitment- of the core workforce will enabe abc to select the right person who will show greater commitment n responsibility to the org.

Abc should try to aim at individual outcomes and target at personal development plans with a shared team output. ABC should realize the imp. Of line managers who r closer to operational issues which directly effect the performance of the company as a whole. Line managers can implement the policies for change directly. They should be trained or expertise to carry out function affectively. The hrm function in county can concentrate on strategic issues as well as routine issues like recruitment, training, appraisels and discipline. High level of HR involvement is must to satisfy TQM objective

Linkage between Performance management and Reward policies & practices: Prior to the restructuring, performance management was not looked upon seriously. Performance measuring staff was placed within the service area with a small policymaking team. Hence the loyalty of this staff was with their service and not the function. As the conservative government came to power in England, various reforms were introduced. Improving the performance management was now the fundamental of the central government. To measure the performance of councils, performance standards were determined and audit commission was to measure the performance on the basis of these set standards. The performance was then reviewed against the standards set.

This kind of Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) is done regularly by the Audit commission. On the basis of this assessment, a table was released which rated the performance of each council. ABC County Council was rated as 'Good' in this. The central government stated that the performance management system should: Ensure a complete picture of organisational performance is painted for council members and managers. Mean that best value reviews are used as a tool to change service delivery for the better. Make it clear to the public and strategic stakeholders how the council is performing.

To cope up with the changes made by the central government, the councils had to restructure themselves. There was a need to change the culture and moving to the one which recognizes that service should 'add value' and be 'cost effective'. 5 visions were used to develop the human resource strategic framework which focused on customer, valuing, innovative and adaptable to change, working in partnership and developing the performance management culture.

The main issue with performance at ABC County was that good performance was not rewarded. There were no appraisals carried out to motivate employees who exhibited high class performance. So, good performance should be recognized and rewarded appropriately. This would lead to employee motivation and employee retention. Poor performance should be tackled appropriately and measures should be taken to avoid it in future. In employees opinion survey was carried out to know the problems of employees, Pay system was highlighted as the major cause of dissatisfaction by most of the employees.

It revealed that that special increments and merit reward were very rarely given and the increments for poor performance were not withheld. To sort out this problem, ABC County introduced a system of give special prices to those who were nominated as the 'Fellow employee and manager of exceptional service'. For those works which are done in a team, "performance review is individual and as is reward and this creates problem when individuals are rewarded despite being perceived by fellow team members a not pulling their weight". This makes highly talented workers with exceptional skills feel that they are same as all other people in the organisation as there is no distinction made between efficient and inefficient workers. This makes the staff unhappy and they are attracted to take up jobs in private sector. ABC County needs a career grade structure to ensure that employees with exceptional talent are rewarded adequately.

This will help them to maintain as effective workforce. Currently, main importance is given to achieve central government targets rather that solving local problems. There should be a balance between the two. The performance of the staff should be measured on a day to day basis. Annual performance reviews should be provided to each employee and the problems should be sorted out in meetings with the managers. There should be a culture wherein employees share the information with each other and discuss the problems to come up with the solution.

ABC County has its own pay scheme in which it pays its employees above the nationally agreed pay levels. This does encourage employees but concerns have been raised as the nationally recognized pay has been with held after the industrial action. Money cannot be the only motivating factor for employees. They need to have a friendly work environment and complete job satisfaction. A clear performance related pay scheme should be put in place with clearly defining the relationship of performance and reward. Employees also need to have a common goal. If they try to achieve their individual targets, then the goal of ABC County will not be accomplished. Employees must be made self dependent. The strategies should be formulated at the top level and the decisions must be taken by employees themselves.