Law, Courts and Trials

 Dwell on the saying, “The man that does not fear punishment, little regards crime” (NORMAN MACDONALD). (Argumentative Essay) From the very dawn of the history of mankind, people have some innate understanding of what is good and what is bad. So there appeared laws as conventions between men in a state of freedom to deter people from killing each other, stealing and so on. In ancient times all men were equal before the law. And someone who violated it was punished according to the laws of a tribe or a state.

With the appearance of the social and racial inequality it became difficult to say that laws and states treat all men equally. At all times pharaohs, kings, tsars, noblemen and military leaders could give an order to kill an undesirable person and to marry a woman against her will. And it seems to be rather controversial that people who are considered to be the guarantors of the law little regard it themselves. Setting an example on the USA before and during a long period after the Civil War we can speak about one more important problem – racial prejudice.

Many African Americans and Hispanics received the death penalty for similar crimes committed by White Americans who received a life sentence or even less. Also, if the victim was white the likelihood of the offender receiving the death penalty increased. However, a black victim didn’t seem to warrant a death sentence. By the way, there is also an opinion that abrogation of capital punishment may bring the crime rates up as the death penalty is the ultimate crime deterrent. People nowadays are not afraid of being imprisoned (especially in the countries with good custody conditions) as they dreaded to be sentenced to the death penalty.

As a Canadian writer, producer and actor, Norman Macdonald once said: “The man that does not fear punishment, little regards crime. ” Certainly, his quotation is referred, first of all, to the present situation of corruptibility and social inequality. In today’s world where money rules everything and everybody, people with money have a great deal of freedom, they can do everything that will come into their heads without being afraid of any punishment. They can retain the best lawyers and bribe any cop. They little regard laws. And they little regard crime.