Law Book Guide Summary

Subject chronology. For 1st reading, I took the subjects in the orderwanted. I took the subjects which I felt I was weakest at first, then worked my way from there. For my 2nd & 3rd readings, I took the subjects in the reverse of the order their exams were scheduled [i.e. Criminal to Political Law.

Daily Hours. Aim to log at least 8 hours of study every day. Ramp this up to 9, 10, even 12 hours as the exams approach. While I personally didn’t have the organization to use a stopwatch, it might be helpful for you.

Take Breaks. Breaks are necessary and highly encouraged. So long as you’re able to meet your quota of study hours, be generous with study breaks and breaks for meals. My library study buddies will attest to my frequent internet breaks, runs to the mall for milk tea, or just taking time to walk around.

Vacations. Allow yourself vacations! I gave myself 2 during bar review season, though take note we had 7 months to review.

Talk it Out. It helped me to take breaks to talk to the people I was studying with. Apart from gossip, we discussed things in our study materials we were confused with – this was an excellent learning exercise.

Nap. When you need to, nap. There’s no point studying when you’re sleepy. I usually couldn’t help myself – I was always dozing off at the library (usually around 15-30 minutes).

Study Goal Fails. Don’t be hard on yourself when you fail to meet the study goals you’ve set for the day. I fell short on a lot of days.

Typical Study Day [This is ideal because I tended to be liberal with my days]:

Wake up at around 6:30 to go to the gym. [Going to the gym was discontinued a month before the exams.

Grab coffee and be at the library around 9-9:30.

• Study until around 11:30 [most likely doze off somewhere in between]

• Head to the mall for lunch [as the exams approached, the mall was replaced with the cafeteria.

• Study until around 5:30 [almost definitely doze off several times in between].

• Head to the cafeteria for dinner.

• Study until the library closes.

• Goof off at home. [As exams approached, I’d continue studying at the AGSB study area at the 2nd floor or at home]

• Sleep at around 11pm.