Law and justice Sample

Justice is defined as putting something at its place , fairness indistribution of resources . A good law must be universal , must be public and must be final besides being decided between competing interest . But , still there is no relation or equation between law and justice . The term law and justice always be used to reflect the law purpose . Although it reflect the law purpose , but not all people view law as just . For example in homosexual group view , they view law as unjust as homosexual marriage is illegal based on law . In order to make the law is just , it has been classified into two different types which are substantive justice and procedural justice . Both types of justice are important as it will make the law enforcement become clearer and easier .

Justice as moral is introduced by Aristotle , one who distribute good things are in the hands of who are entitled to receive, have the best claim or have right over the good things. Thus, it concerns with everything that is morally right and good. For John Rawl, despite the fact that different people might have different plans, desires and objective, there are certain goods desired by every person, which he describe as ‘primary goods’ such as basic right, freedom of speech and assembly and freedom of religion.

In conclusion , law and justice is important to our legal system . In order to achieve justice , two main components which are rule of hearing ( audi alteram partem ) and rule against bias ( nemo judex in res sua ) must be followed so that an improper exercise of power by public authority can be avoided .