Law Admission

As a person who values academic determination and exposure to various societal issues, I believe that securing a legal education is one of the defining moments and definite steps towards attaining my dream- to become a lawyer. The intriguing and complex nature of law is the motivating factor that drew me to appreciate this degree and pursue it. Likewise, its relevance in various fields most especially in business makes it more interesting and challenging.

Understanding the social ills of today, taking pleasure in working with different sets of people and having the skills to provide persuasive arguments are only possible through the aid of education. Hence, my academic background is a significant factor that encompasses these ideals. Having a degree in business administration has contributed to my extensive and detailed approach in dealing with people of diverse background.

This field also requires a lot of confidence and drive which I believe I possess and can use as my advantage to gain respect in a competitive landscape. I believe I was able to showcase such skills within my initial education after I became a member of the National Scholars Honor Society.

Although I have enjoyed all the aspects of having a degree in business administration, I still wish to pursue a legal education, a field that intersects with business. I believe that once I get a bit of knowledge and experience in a certain field, they grow within me to a certain extent. This consequently motivates me to increase my know-how in two intersecting fields. In return, I would be able to practice the degree of my choice and be able to help individuals in my future practice.

After holding various positions in different working environments, my desire to pursue a degree in law has intensified. For instance, my work experience in the real estate industry has been highly influential, not only because of the additional knowledge in the principles and practice of business law, but also because the things I have encountered taught me how to adapt in extreme situations, which I believe is a crucial factor that could affect the decisions that I will make as a future law practitioner.

However, what is truly venerating about taking this degree, aside from the achievement of my long time dream and the opportunity to put into practice the education that I already have, is the idea of constant learning from the experiences of other people, the guaranteed satisfaction of allowing oneself to be of service to other individuals, and the contentment of expressing views under the rightful law.

Moreover, I do not limit myself to learning things that I think would contribute to the development of my personality. My interest in sports, most especially in baseball, landed me in various teams and positions, and has taught me how to value teamwork, respect, and discipline. Another instance is my experience as a certified fitness trainer which became a ground for me to live a healthier life and organize time efficiently, not only for myself but for other people as well who were relying on my expertise. As a result, I was able to roll together my interest in sport and leisure in a single activity and use such privilege as a stress reliever.

My interest in the field of law has continuously increased over the years. The law-related difficulties that I have experienced in my past works serve as an inspiration for me to further embrace this practice and intensify my desire to promote the degree. I believe that my credentials, knowledge, dedication, and desire to fully understand the field of law would help me surpass the upcoming challenges that the University would set.

Likewise, the opportunities that the University would lay upon me would pave the way for an investment that would help me fulfill my aspirations. In return, I am committing myself to the University and ensure that I am a good choice by giving out substantial and purpose-driven contributions to the University’s law program.