Law & a system of rules

Law is a system of rules enforced in a set of institutions; it transforms politics, economics and the society. It serves as the foremost mediator in relations between people. If the law is neglected it results to a crime. Crime is defined as a deviant behavior that violates prevailing norms and cultural standards, by this action, individuals who committed a crime are put on trial in the court of law.

Law enforcement organizations have evolved into a complex institution which utilizes the latest computer technology to battle technology aided criminals. Therefore, using computer software’s had become a vital tool in crime tracking, prevention and recording. It helps them to be more effective and organized in implementing the Law.

There had been an increase in the crimes done on the internet, logically with the use of sophisticated computers. As a result it is of equal importance that law enforcer’s use the up to date software’s to battle criminals that lure the internet.

The market for law enforcement software for the internet has increased since the formation of anti crime groups. Currently, there are several software’s available, but only one stands out because of its excellent features.

 The Encase® is a computer forensic solution developed by highly experienced criminal forensics experts; this software is currently being used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States Department of Defense, together with many other law enforcement agencies and crime labs around the world. These agencies are one of the best in the world; imagine the FBI and the U.S. Department of Defense using this software as their main program against these criminals, this must be really worth something. The Encase® forensic solution is also recognized by courts of law and enforcement agencies as the leading technology software in capturing and analyzing computer evidences. Because of its state of the art features, this software has been proven to reduce investigation time by 65%.

What exactly can the Encase® solutions is capable of doing?  First, It has the widest file systems support available, such as Windows FAT12/16/32, NTFS, Macintosh HFS, HFS+, and many others, which means accessibility in other types of file formats can easily be identified and accessed to sort out useful and relevant data. Second, it has the broadest email support, including Outlook PSTs/OSTs ('97-'03), Outlook Express DBXs, Lotus Notes NFS, Yahoo, etc. by having this capability, law enforcers are able to gather not just data on the computer hard drive but pertinent information found in the internet. Third, it has the broadest browser and internet history support. Accessing through decodes of web browsing history, it can reveal cached HTML pages and associated images which again can be used as evidence.

Fourth, it is capable of doing detailed reporting and analysis which can define, with detailed granularity what information is analyzed or collected and how it was presented. Also, all types of information revealed through this process can be exported into various file formats. Fifth, is the smart evidence collection, the only tool in its kind that can give organizations the ability to forensically preserve only relevant evidence without capturing the entire hard drive. Lastly, and the most important factor, is that it is recognized by the court. The court-validated Encase® software is the industry standard solution for acquisition, preservation and analysis of computer based evidence.

Having said this, the encase® offers the best features which only this software can provide. Its effectiveness and reliability has made it a primary program used by the FBI and the department of defense to protect national interest. Therefore, if it can protect the nation as it does, then it may cater your needs for reliable and efficient forensic software.

"EnCase® has provided a basis for investigations of high-profile criminal cases, including the BTK murders and the Scott Peterson case. It has also been used in a wide array of corporate cases, such as investigations ongoing at Enron and WorldCom. In addition. . . EnCase® has proven useful in helping international intelligence operations track and defuse al-Qaeda terrorist activities."


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