Latest Report-China Aluminum Rolling Industry Report, 2013 – 2016

As of late 2013, the capacity of aluminum foil in China, as the world’s largest producer of aluminum sheets, strips and foils, hit 3.4 million tons/a; the capacity of aluminum cold rolling sheet/strip and aluminum hot rolling strip both reached 12.5 million tons/a. In particular, “1+4” hot continuous rolling played a large part of hot rolling strip production line, making up 43.6% of the total hot rolling capacity.

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China also boasts the largest net exporter of aluminum rolling products in the world. In 2013, China’s net export of aluminum sheet/strip and aluminum foil realized 1.214 million tons and 699,000 tons. Due to technical shortcomings, most of China’s imports are high-precision aluminum sheet/strip products.

Driven by robust demand from downstream sectors like automobile, packaging and printing, China is seeing a rising demand for aluminum sheet/strip/foil. In 2013, China’s apparent consumption of aluminum sheet/strip and aluminum foil grew by 8.4% and 4.9% from a year earlier, respectively. In 2014-2016,it is expected that the CAGRs of aluminum sheet/strip and aluminum foil will claim roughly 11.0% and 9.0%, respectively. The high-end aluminum sheet/strip/foil products such as aerospace-grade thick aluminum sheet, auto body aluminum sheet/strip, and high-voltage anode electron foil are projected to be a major driving force of the growth.

Confident about future alumium sheet/strip/foil marekt, leading domestic alumium rolling enterprsies including Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd, Shandong Nanshan Aluminum, Yunnan Aluminum, Loften Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd., and Guangdong Dongyangguang Aluminum have poured more invemsent in expanding the capacity of alumium rolling products.

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Shandong Nanshan Aluminum is one of the industrial players involving in the whole industry chain relating to aluminum processing. In recent years, the company has stepped up efforts to expand the capacity of alumium products. In 2011, it rolled out the 200,000 tons/a oversized high-performance special aluminum alloy material production project; in 2013, the company launched new 120,000 tons/a alumium alloy castings and 14,000 tons/a large-scale high-precision die forging projects. These two projects are scheduled to be put into producion in 2015, by when, the company’s aluminum rolling capaicty is expected to hit 2.22 million tons/a.

Guangdong Dongyangguang Aluminum is a major producer in China high-and mid-pressure formed foil, electron aluminum foil, hydrophilic foil markets and other market breakdown. In 2013, the company raised funds through no-pubilc issuing A-share to build high-and mid-pressure formed foil producion line project and high specific volume etched foil production line project. After being put into production, the company wil see an increase in annual capacty of 21 milion sq meters of formed foil and 35 million sq meters of etched foil.

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3. Development of China Aluminum Rolling Industry3.1 Policy3.2 Development Overview3.2.1 Overview3.2.2 Production Line

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