Kyleigh’s Law

In 2006, there was a fatal accident that involved some teenagers who succumbed to their injuries. It is after this accident that the government in New Jersey came up with the Kyleigh’s law. The aim of this law is to ensure responsibility of all the drivers in New Jersey especially the young drivers. The law requires that all those drivers who are under the age of twenty one and who happen to hold a driver license, have a provisional driving license or have a permit that allows them to regally drive, buy a pair of decals that costs four dollars. (News 12 New Jersey, 2010)

This pair of decals should be displayed on the front and the rear license plate of the vehicle that they are driving. It should be displayed on the top left corner of each of the two plates. Initially, this rule was not that much enforced but now it is mandatory that these young drivers display the decals as of 1st may this year. This is a relatively new law and many people are not used to it. It has the main aim of helping the police officer to identify the age of the driver and therefore be aware of any possible mistake or offence that these young drivers may commit.

(Lockwood, 2010) The law is also aimed and helping the police officers to identify any possible law breakers and therefore prevent accidents where possible. To enforce this law, the officers are supposed to apply a fine of a hundred dollars to any drivers who happens to be under the age of twenty one and driving without the decals. This is a big fine which is imposed to a small offence. It is therefore meant to encourage these young drivers to buy these decals and display them on the license plates of the car that they are operating.

(News 12 New Jersey, 2010) The main reason for the implementation of this law is to reduce the cases of road accident that are caused by teenagers. However, there have been a lot of mixed reactions from citizens of New Jersey. Most of these reactions are against the implementation of this law. Implementation of this law means that all those drivers that are below the age of twenty one will be identified from a distance. (Artifice, Inc. , 2010) The law requires that the decals be fixed by all those drivers who do not have a full privilege license.

Parents and all the other argue that this is very dangerous to their children in that it will be exposing them to criminals. The reason is that criminals will easily identify the person driving as an inexperienced driver and therefore they may attack. This would not have been the case if the decals were not there. They are describing this law as dangerous and discriminatory. (Lockwood, 2010) There are some logics on the reaction of the community as they are citing an example of a case in Florida which happens to have a similar law but this is on car ownership.

In this case, nine people are believed to have been killed simply because they had a hired car. They criminals through that the persons were new in the region and they attached. These reactions are likely to affect the enforcement of this law. They are more likely to prevent the officers to enforce the law as they will feel that the law will expose the citizens to more danger that they already have without the decals. (News 12 New Jersey, 2010) ? References Artifice, Inc. . (2010). Kyleigh’s Law Bill A4021.

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