Kuala Lumpur

Receiving the invitation of Malaysian government, Vietnamese delegates led by Deputy Head of the Supreme People’s Procuracy participated in the annual conference and the sixth Congress of The International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA), held in Kuala Lumpur from October, 4th to 7th. Congress with the topic “Chapter VI of the UN Convention against Corruption: Technical assistance and information exchange” attracted around 1. 000 officials who come from anti-corruption agencies of 100 countries in the world took part in.

Speaking at the beginning on the night of October 4th, Prime Minister of the host nation, Najia Tun Razak stressed/emphasized/pressed that corruption was a critical threat which all countries had to have determination against it in the long time. Anti-corruption was an indispensable part of the government plans and Malaysia considered it as one of the priority fields in the National Transformation Programme and the Government Economic Transformation Programme.

According to Prime Minister Najib, anti-corruption of a nation required the participation of law enforcement agencies with the cooperation of experts, academies and international anti-corruption organizations. On this occasion, Prime Minister Najib claimed that Malaysian government would award RM 1 million, equal to $330. 000 to the International Anti-corruption Academy to sponsor for activity programs. During 4 days of the conference, the representatives would concentrate on discuss law enforce fields, activities against corruption, asset collection and international cooperation.

The delegates would also mention training matters, technical assistance, information collection, exchange and analysis, sharing experiences as well as implementing the Convention Against Corruption through developing economy. On the sidelines of the conference, Mr. Le The Chien, being of Government Inspectorate of Vietnam said that Vietnamese delegation participated in the international anti-corruption conference this time in order to learn experience about anti-corruption from other countries in the world, especially Malaysia, which had effective anti-corruption activities and established a typical anti-corruption academy.

Mr. Le The Chien said that nowadays, in Vietnam, anti-corruption activities was positively step up, in particular, Government Inspectorate of Vietnam was sponsoring to make Law against corruption and anticipated to present it for Parliament in the following session. CONSOLIDATION 1. Economic Transformation Programme, mobilized on September 21th, 2010, is the initiative of Malaysian government in order to make Malaysia become a high-income economy in 2020.

This program is expected Gross National Income to rise to $523 billion in 2020 and per capita income to increase from $6700 to at least $15000, meeting the World Bank’s threshold defining to high income countries. It is expected that Malaysia will reach this ambitious target if the grow rate of GNI is 6% per year. 2. Good communication skills are an indispensible part. Without it, the target – no matter what fields – we could not reach. 3.

The Hungarian government provided a technical assistance fund for the State Bank of Vietnam. It was used for some conferences’ organization so as to share international experience and Hungarian knowledge about the exchange rate management and the monetary policy for the staffs of State Bank of Vietnam. Hungarian, Malaysia, Denmark and ADB experts presented their speeches in the conference held in Halong in 2 days December 28th-29th, 2012.