Knowledge of law enforcement

In this ever changing world, it becomes more and more difficult to define just what exactly how law enforcement is defined. The reason for this is that law enforcement is a very challenging field. It is assumed that the exercise of police power by the government is easy and that given the power it is easy to bring criminals to justice. It must be remembered that the law enforcement profession is not the unbridled dispensation of justice or power but rather it is the power to create a peaceful and law abiding society.

During my experience as a police officer in the city of Miami, I had the opportunity to encounter all sorts of people. The diversity of the city of Miami is such that it is difficult to make sure that people abide by the laws because some people just have different perceptions brought about by their customs. Additionally, diversity makes law enforcement more challenging because different races have different practices that make it difficult. This is also why it is important to carry out law enforcement according to very specific policies and rules.

Police power, and law enforcement, is a power that is very dangerous if left unbridled. It could lead to possible abuses and the suppression of the basic constitutional freedoms of people which makes it important to impose Policies, procedures and rules and regulations in law enforcement agencies. With regard to police discretion, policies, procedures and rules and regulations act as a boundary that prevents the police from overstepping the bounds of their authority. They also ensure that the power that they have been given under the law is not used excessively to the detriment of civilians.

That is the reason why policies, procedures and rules and regulations are necessary in law enforcement agencies. As such, it must also be remembered that these regulations are crucial to the proper dispensation of the powers of law enforcement. Question 2. Ability to communicate in writing: My ability to communicate in writing is well chronicled. I have gained ample experience due to my research in college. I have built upon this writing talent and experience by also compiling and creating police reports for detectives.

With the ever watchful eye of sergeants and lieutenants, I have had the guidance that is needed to ensure that not only do my written works remain as informative and factual as possible but also understandable. It is important in the field of law enforcement to be able to adequately prepare the reports so that justice is not delayed. A number of people rely upon the quality and integrity of these reports and as such, this realization of mine concerning this matter has impressed upon me the diligence and competence that is required in writing. Question 3.

Ability to analyze facts and reach conclusions: Describe the types of information and/or data you have analyzed. Was the data readily available or from a variety of sources? What types of inferences/conclusions were you able to reach from analyzing the information/data? My ability to analyze facts and draw insightful conclusions from them stems from the experiences that I have had as a police officer. A perfect example of this would be the time when I was at the scene of a traffic crash. It was a horrible accident as both drivers were incapacitated and I was unable to directly question them.

By surveying the scene, however, I was able to draw certain facts and reach a conclusion regarding the incident. Coupled by the insight that was gleaned from questioning the witnesses to the crash, I was able to satisfactorily come to a reasonable conclusion on the events that transpired not only during the crash but also prior to the crash. Suffice it to say that this was very helpful indeed because the liability and fault of one of the parties was clearly established due to my analysis and it led to a very speedy disposition of the case to the satisfaction of my superiors.