King of Heart

Over the past sixty year, His Majesty the King has been, loved, and admired by Thai people throughout the country. His works of almost six decades include a variety of activities, which have enhanced on the Thai life. The three institutions that made up Thailand are the Nation, Buddhism, and Monarchy. His Majesty is indeed Thailand’s guiding light. In the past, Thailand has faced many political crisis but Thailand would not be what it is today without his help. Every time he speaks, everybody listens. No matter how bad the situation is, every one will listen to his word and interpret it the current situation.

Over time, His Majesty the King has given leadership, inspiration, comfort, encouragement and wisdom to to not only the Thai people but also people around the world. According to the constitution, his role as a King is to be just a symbol. Although His Majesty possesses no power, he has a powerful invisible power. He has a trust and respect from his people. Although the book “The King Never Smile” by Paul M. Handley, which tried to convince both Thai non-Thai people to believe that His Majesty the King does not deserve his title of the most beloved king, but His Majesty definitely deserves this title because of what he has done for Thailand.

His Majesty the King was born on December 5, 1927 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. He came to the throne on June 9, 1946. The meaning of his name is “Strength of the Land, incomparable Power. ” One of the events that all Thais remember about their king is at the Coronation Ceremony on May 5, 1950; he said an oath, which stated, “We will reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the Siamese people”(HM The King). His Majesty’s actions since he became the king of Thailand have reflected his promise to increase the welfare and well-being of his people and the nation.

The importance of the monarchy could be seen nearly everywhere in Thailand. The blue bar on the national flag represents the monarchy. People in every class of society have the photographs or portraits of royal family in their home. This also includes the government and public places. The portrait of His Majesty the King is usually placed beside the statue of the Lord Buddha. The Thais value him as a Father of the Nation. On December 5th of every year, not only it is His Majesty the King’s birthday, but it is also a Father’s day.

On December 5 2007, His Majesty the King will be 80 years old. There will be a big celebration in Thailand. Every year people are looking forward to this day not because it is a national holiday, but it means that, he has been our king and our father for another year. The Thais always pronounce, “Long Live the King” every time they see his picture. The national anthem is played daily throughout the country at 8 AM and 6 PM. It is broadcasted by all radio and TV channel. People will stop their activities and stand respectfully for the duration.

An image attached in the back was taken in an important event that occurs last June, which was the happiest time for the Thai people. It was the celebration of the 60th Anniversary Celebration of His Majesty’s Accession to the throne and became the world longest reigning monarch. The Thais are very proud of him and are happy to have him as a symbol of the nation. It is the happiest of the year. Millions of people gathered around the palace just to listen to his speech. People are very happy that once in a lifetime they have seen the King they love.

The atmosphere of this event cannot be described in word, especially when he waved his hand for his people. The people pronounced, “Long Live the King? Long Live the King” and repeat this expressions repeatedly. Many of them were crying, not because they were sad or depress but because they are happy to see their king, the king they love with their life. Millions of people all wearing the yellow shirt, which is the color of Monday, the day His Majesty the King was born. Therefore, around the palace is the sea of yellow.

It is yellow everywhere. Some foreigners who participated in this event all realized how much the Thai people love him. The significance of his reign consisted of three main themes: the well-being of his people, the stability of his nation, and national unity. His works is developed from his idea that the well-being of the people lead to the well-being of the nation. These two are connected and they cannot be separated. In the early day of his reign, he traveled throughout the country.

He went to the very rural area, where most people did not want to go, to get to know his people and know what they need, and, in the process, allowed them to get close and know him. As he continued the activities that have the long lasting benefits to the Thai people, it has very much brought him close to his people. Thus, the Thais give him love, confidence and trust no other monarch in the Thai history, or probably the world, has ever enjoyed. His Majesty is often described as the world’s hardest-working monarch. During his 60-year reign, the King has initiated

thousands of projects to improve the quality of life of his people. In general, he invented almost 10 projects a week since he became the king. It is not an easy task to do 10 projects a week. Although, he is now almost 80 years old, but he still continue to create new projects every week. Over the past six decades, the King has spent most of each year in the countryside, where he visited the locals to listen to their problems, to asked them what they need to ease their difficulties, and to give them power by providing what it takes to help them become self-reliant in the long run.

In addition, the King also interested in science that can give his people technologies to deal with the problems of drought, flash floods, water pollution, soil erosion, energy shortages and public health. Nowadays, he still closely monitors what is going on in the nation, and what his people needs so that if there is an emergency, he can help his people immediately. The Thais are grateful for what he has done for the country. Thailand is now a different country from what it was 60 years ago. Money has now become the most important thing of life.

No matter how the society has changed, His Majesty has never changed the way he lives. It is very happy to see him walking tirelessly under a sun in rural areas and sitting on the ground talking to the people without worry that the dirt from the ground will stain him. As the society move to a greed-driven economy or the rich are trying to show their wealth, the Thai’s heart feel warm that their King uses locally made, simple sneakers, never throws away half-used pencils, eats brown rice despite the fact that it the food for prisoners prisoners, and adopts street dogs as his pets.

Over the past 10 years, His Majesty has always trying to guide his people to survive in the globalization world by using the Sufficiency Economy that he created. It is the new theory of economic and cannot be found in any of the textbook. It is the theory that uses Buddhism together with his wisdom. The theory can be applied to any people and industry. It really works. The goal of His Majesty is to see his people live well in the long run. An example of the theory is that we should not spend money more than the money we have and should not borrow someone else’s money. One needs to ask themselves a question “Is it essential?

” before they spend their money. One must be able stand on his or her own. One can see courage, indiscriminate, compassion in His Majesty. If we try to live our life according the His Majesty, we will feel much better about ourselves in the world of selfishness today. We may feel depress over decline of morality today in the society, however, we have not lost our hope. Life is difficult and sometime we feel weak and hopeless. However, by knowing that His Majesty loves us and he will still there to hold us on will give us strength to live on and fight with the struggles.

By following his footsteps, we will find the goods in ourselves and be able to live happily in a constantly changed world. For the Thais, he is more than a monarch; he is the one who in times of darkness and despair reunites our belief in ourselves. This is why the Thais love their King so much. Work Cited Berger, John. “Ways of Seeing. ” Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writer. Boston, MA: Bedford/ St. Martin’s, 2005. HM The King 60 Years on The Throne. Bangkok Post Newspaper 10 Feb. 2007 < http://www. bangkokpost. com/60yrsthrone/>.