Kinds of Law

Judiciary: Judiciary is a main aspect of law; it deals with number of judges discussing the disputes and to determine the result. Most of the countries have the system of appeal courts. In United States it is named as supreme court, in Australia it is called high court, in UK the House Of Lords, in France the Cour de Cassation. In some countries judiciary has the authority to overrule legislation. Legislature: Legislature is a deliberate body of person who has the authority to make some change or repeal the law of country.

Common examples of legislatures are; houses of parliament in London, the congress in Washington, the Bundehtag in Berlin, the Parliamento Italiano in Rome. The process to pass legislation, majority of members of parliament has to vote for a bill. : Mainly there are two kinds of law, criminal law and civil law. Criminal Law: In this law, the accused person is prosecuted for committing a crime or breaking a law. If the accused person is found guilty by the court then he can be punished or sent to prison. Here are some examples of crime of this particular law.

Rape. .Public violence. .Thrift. .Assault. .Trespass. A criminal law can be charged against anyone who broke a law. If a member of police or defense force assault you or shot you without the permission of authority, you can charge a criminal case against them. Civil Law: Civil law is made for the solution of your private relationships with other people the state does not interfere in the fight between private people in their personal matter. Civil law deals with the marriage and divorce, it also deals the case in such condition if someone owes your money.

The other examples of this particular law is rent agreements, elections, damage to the property, injuries to people, disputes over a hire-purchase agreements. A person brought his case to this law, who feels that he or she was trapped by another person. If the victim wins the case, the defendant is ordered to pay compensation money. Sometimes the court also orders to stop doing such as, damaging the victims or his property. The Difference between Civil and Common Law: Criminal law deals with the cases of public interests while civil law handles the cases of private disputes between individuals.

Criminal law punishes those guilty which are involved in committing a crime to damage society whereas civil law solves a personal matter. Civil law includes the matters of contract law, family law, tort law, property law, and labor law. In civil law the disputes involve harm or injury to one part or their property which is opposite to the criminal law. If a civil action is taken by civil law the defendant is responsible for the wrong actions, on the other side in a criminal case we have to find a person guilty or not guilty, in the same way the defendant in a civil case is called to be liable or not liable for the damages.

Common Law: Common law is one of the oldest forms of law in countries. It has been made from the laws of the old times. It is mainly a law made by the judges it arises from the judicial branch of government. Common law deals with the situations of daily life, as they occur such as, social changes, inventions, and discoveries make. The origin of common law is in England, the judiciary of England is the pioneers of common law. The United States and the other countries adopt this law from England.