Why Kent State Trumbull?

Some may ask, “Why Kent State Trumbull?,” while others may say, “Why not Kent State Trumbull?” For our investigation into this topic, Caleb and I have conducted surveys and interviews that give us an insight into why others are inclined to come to the Trumbull branch of Kent State. The research presented both from our information gathered from students at Kent State and other online sources will show the importance of certain aspects of the experience that Kent State Trumbull and other institutes in the same realm provide to their students.

Although Kent State Trumbull is a regional campus, it still is capable of hosting many of its students majors, while still offering the freedom of going to a regional campus. In general, regional campuses tend to give their attendees a lot of flexibility in many areas such as commute, living quarters and class scheduling for those who have time constraints (Regional Higher Education). This type of flexibility is one of the main reasons that students come to Kent State Trumbull, as shown by our survey in which we asked, “Why did you choose Kent State Trumbull.” In most of the 50 students surveyed, in the area provided at least one of these flexibilities was given in the answer, with many of them being commute and living situations.

The results did vary in some form but by the main track of the bulk it became conclusive that money, commute and living situations were major reasons for people deciding to come to Kent State Trumbull. Since the economy being the way that it is today, commute has become a huge hassle for most because of the demanding gas prices, which brings us to another main reason people had stated for coming to Kent State Trumbull: location and proximity to their living situation. From our poll throughout Kent State Trumbull, we have concluded not only from the comments on main reasons for coming to the Trumbull branch, but also from the question in which we asked, “What is your proximity to Kent State Trumbull?,” to which 24 people said that they were within 5-10 minutes, 26 people were within 20 minutes of the institute, that commute to school and back is a major contributor to the choice to come to Kent State Trumbull.

As stated in the comments about why students chose Kent State Trumbull, one student stated, “ Having the campus so near to me makes things a lot easier on me,” showing the importance of the location of the campus.

Although location was a major concern of those looking for a college, as shown by the response to our prompt, it was not the only reason these students had for choosing Kent State Trumbull. Another main ‘selling point,’ if you will, of Kent State Trumbull seems to be, from our survey, the flexibility of class schedules and majors. Of the 50 students that we surveyed, 29 are employed and 13 are married, showing the need for some flexibility in class times and overall schedules. Some respondents of the prompt had even stated that Kent State Trumbull’s classes worked around their schedules quite easily, meaning that it caused the least interference with their personal lives as possible, which was a relief to many.

Although only 13 of the students surveyed responded that Kent State Trumbull had their major, one other, who asked to not be named, had stated in their interview that the Trumbull campus had many of the courses need for their major and it was a ‘Huge relief’ that they were able to take most of their classes so near to home. Since both Caleb and I have had such great experiences with Kent State Trumbull already, we decided to also poll our group of students on their experiences at the campus. We had asked our respondents to gauge, on a scale of 1-10, their experiences not only with the campus and Kent State Trumbull in general, but also their experiences with the professors. We were not surprised when the result came back very positive, considering our experiences with the campus. Out of all 50 of the students surveyed, the average rating of the Kent Trumbull campus in general was a 7.25/10 and the average rating on the professors that the student had was a 9.5/10.

We believe that this evidence prevalent in our findings shows that Kent Trumbull is doing a very good job in the accommodation of their students and faculty. In all, out of the 50 students surveyed, 37 being male and 13 being female, with ages ranging from as young as 18 to over 31, with the bulk coming from the younger, we have concluded that, in general, students feel as though they had made the right choice in coming to Kent State Trumbull, and as stated by another unnamed interviewee, “ Kent Trumbull has brought the campus life to me, making it easier on me to still go to school and further my education while still managing everything else in my life.” Even as the freshman were the bulk of our respondents to our survey with 22 students responding to the 17, 8 and 3 respectively, the support for the Kent Trumbull branch has been almost overwhelming.

Caleb and I believe that this enormous support and respect of this campus is due to the instructors and advisors and their outlook towards the future of the students, young and old, that they so willingly serve. Both of our words taken into account, we and the student population take great joy in knowing that the key to our futures lies within the institute and professors to which we have inducted ourselves, and we also take great pleasure in knowing the the place in which we are able to learn has not only the support of the advisors and instructors which make this campus what it is today but also the gracious support of the student population.

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