Kalpana Chawla

Women should give up their jobs and go back to their traditional role of home-maker in order to reduce world unemployment – discuss.

Gone are the days , when women worked merely to augment their family income. Time have proven that they are as capable as men, from a simple office job to sophisticated space exploration. Holding them back from the jobs is not a wise solution to world’s unemployment: this is my contention.

Evolving world, expecially in the last few decades has witnessed the challenging talents of women. Now, they are decorating the powerful positions of countries as well as giant companies. For example, madam Indira Gandhi was the prime minister of India for half a decade. As well as, Mrs. Kalpana chawla and sunitha Williams proved to the world that space exploration also is safe in the hands of women. Moreover, of late, scientists have realized the multitasking capacity of women; the hands which swing the cradle are also able to rule a country.

Notwithstanding all this, the fact remains that today’s world is facing severe unemployment. Reason are galore: lack of education, less opportunities and so on. Viable solution is that the governments should fore see and plan well in order to create job opportunities. A white collar job and lucrative salary-is the mind-set of today’s young bloods. Solution is we should encourage them to take up any kind of job and approach of equal salary for every profession will motivate them to do all kinds of jobs.

To encapsulate, women are talented and capable to perform any kind of job as men do. Time is over to come out chauvinism. Instead of avoiding them, governments should plan well with a sense of urgency to address the unemployment problem, globally.