Juveniles Tried as Adults

Juveniles deserve a second chance at succeeding. The people have to remember that the children need our help and get them focus in positive things and give them the right guidance they need to succeed. There is various ways that a kid can get back on the right path, counseling, after school programs, rehabilitation, and, a positive role model. Each of these things have they own way to get the child involved. Counseling could also help the child and other people around them understand what was going on in their life to make them the way they are and figure out the root of the problem.

However, this is going to be a difficult task to accomplish, getting the child to open up to the counselor and talking about their problems and childhood, the counselor has to inform the child that they are there to listen and help them and not to be afraid. They need a positive role model in their life because something had to have happened in their past to cause this behavior. Figuring out the issue can help them find a solution to fix the issues. After schools programs can get them off the streets. Getting the juveniles involved in things that interest them can take their focus off the streets and into something positive.

Sports, boy scouts, singing, drawing, whatever the child is interested in, get them involved and explain to them what the future could bring them with that specific interest. When these kids see how much fun they can have without being on the streets and see that their actual interest could take them somewhere in life, then maybe they will not want to run the streets anymore. A positive role model for the child could let them be able to have someone that they can look up too and want to be just like, this program is called Big Brother, Big Sister.

This brother or sister can talk to them and get them to see what the future could hold for them without a life a crime and violence. Rehabilitation is an alternative program for them; it can bring them back to a right state of mind meaning that they can be able to fully understand right from wrong. Rehab could help them back on track and have a clear mind, and kick their habits they had whether it was drugs or an anger issue. Children that run the streets and get involved in illegal things clearly is not the juveniles fault it is just the lifestyle that they were raised in and brought up and that may be the only way they know to survive.

Most juveniles involved in crime are African Americans, and a lot negative things are the neighborhoods, gang violence gets involved, drugs, peer pressure. Kids’ think that being on the streets and gaining respect based on that is going to help them make it in the world, but, at the end of the day their “homies” that they hang out with are not going to be there for them in a time of need. If something was to go down that is illegal and they end up getting caught they are not going to have their back then, they are going to worry about themselves before they worry about someone else.

In an article called “Should juveniles be in adult court” Lisa Miller it states: “ Unless a juvenile is a repeat offender transferring their case to an adult criminal court should be seriously discouraged for their sake we need to save these children since they make the future and not condemn them to a life of misery with no sense of guilt in our conscience courts should determine the reason behind the crime before sentencing them since most child criminals are psychologically torture due to multiple abuse and commit these crimes out of necessity and not willingly” (Berman and Bergman, 2009).

I think this quote is so true. We have to remember these are kids who are our future, why not consider that and teach them right from wrong if need be, and to help them become a stronger adult. According to Miller it states that “People do not expect children to commit crime and this makes it difficult for them to decide how to handle a case of crime committed by a child. The only choice they have it to either redefine the offense to much lesser one or redefine as not being a child.

Children are considered to have different competencies from adults and furthermore they have different potential to change their behavior compared to adults and that is why they need to be tried separately”. Putting these kids in adult prison with these hardcore criminals would be super dangerous, these kids could be sexual abused or anything worse. These kids are not just getting a cell mate they are getting a person that they can look up too, and that is not good they could get back out in the world and commit a serious crime because of their cell mate that they had in adult prison.

Children have time to grow and learn right from wrong and it is certainly not going to take a cell mate that is in adult prison to make that change for them. In another article called “Should we treat juvenile’s offenders as adults? ” by Mike Allen it talks about a 15 yr old that was convicted of robbing another teen at gunpoint headed straight to adult prison however there was no harm done, and a 14 yr old teen convicted in a robbery of a man who was brutally strangled got sent to juvenile prison. In some sense I think they play favoritism in some cases against children, and that is not right.