Juvenile deliquents and status offender

In the united states a Juvenile Delinquent is a type of person who has not reached the age of maturity and whose behavior is labelled by the court as delinquent. Requirements differ from various states. (Juvenile delinquency refers to criminal acts by minors, qualification again varies) but most legal system prescribe procedure for dealing with minors such as juvenile detention center. Notably is the statement that a juvenile is delinquent by the juvenile court system without any trial and probable cause.

Status offenders on the other hand are youths of juvenile court age who violate laws that define how young people should behave. Status offender’s behavior or misbehaviour are unlawful to children but not unlawful to adults. As an example drinking alcohol by adults such as the consumption of beer of a legal age is not unlawful, but a minor consuming such beverage is labelled as unlawful. It is the status of childhood that allows the qualification for a status offense. Status offenders are habitual truants, run away and are unchained from parental control .

Such offense can be brought to juvenile court or family court officer. Also they have not committed an act that would be considered a crime if a legal age adult committed. Distinguishing the difference on the severity between social offenders to juvenile Delinquents, usually deals with the level or degree to which an act or behavior is labelled to a minor for an offense. Qualification for Juvenile delinquents are minors engage in criminal acts such as thief, drug trafficking, prostitution and crimes usually committed by adults.

While Status offenders commits status offense which are actions that are prohibited to a certain class of people and most often applied to minors. Such offense ranges from underage drinking, truancy, running away from home and smoking tobacco which makes status offenders less in degree in seriousness compared to juvenile delinquents who are engaged in actual crime. To clarify the position.

Juvenile delinquents commit acts which are severe in nature ,in which minors have committed an actual crime by virtue of their age, are given less severe form of punishment (society adheres to the notion, that by virtue of their age rehabilitation and corrections are possible than adults) while status offenders commits offenses that are not proper for their status as minors(e. g. smoking, drinking alcohol, vagrancy and breaking of curfews) but as adults are legal. In conclusion among juvenile delinquents and Status offenders it is the delinquents that are more serious in its implications than the status offenders.